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Saturday, July 21, 2012

5th TDA Dancesport Championships @ Ngee Ann Poly

15th July 2012 @ Ngee Ann Poly (some pictures from Shane's and Ricky2's camera):

Evidence of weight gain. My face is like a chubbzzz:

Competition time! With Ricky in Tertiary Cat I Chachacha and Cat I Rumba:

My arm muscles hahaha:

With Kenneth in Open Cat I Chachacha. It was really disappointing because the whole dance was pretty much screwed from the beginning till the end sigh:

The SIM Dancesport team:

Managed to get a 7th for Rumba despite only practising 3 times since January (hahaha) and I'm quite satisfied already! :)

I feel encouraged hearing from my own instructors that I've shown improvement, and I've just received another piece of good news for a partnering opportunity. I want to embark on a tougher journey and I hope everything can work out, but Dancesport really requires a huge sum of money and idk where I'm gonna get them from (unless someone wants to sponsor me? LOL).

Anyway I've a bunch of backdated photos which I hope I will have time to post soon! Have a great weekend everyone :D


  1. I feel so motivated to excel in dance after seeing your pictures. I am gonna pick up salsa soon! :D

    1. Wow that's great! Seems like you're picking up more and more genres :D I'm sure you'll excel in them!

  2. SIBEI SMEXY and congrats! :D