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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas 2018!

Merry Christmas again! This year was a much quieter one for me with fewer gatherings with friends.

With my #brunchdategirls at Populus & Co. a week before Christmas (also on the same day as the videoshoot)! We probably created a lot of noise again hahaha what's new:

Wearing the earrings that Beverly gave to me as my Secret Santa (envelope above):


Saturday evening @ Yoshi's house with Windy and his friends:

Made these biscuits with smoked burrata cheese with cured meat with basil topping. Sooooo yummy but everything was so tedious to prepare. I didn't do much but it was already so tiring hahaha. BUT WORTH IT:

Xmas Eve!
My family doesn't celebrate Christmas but I try to do something every year to spice it up hahaha. The past 2 years I set up a mini Christmas tree and hung a wreath... this year my parents are at my grandparents' most of the time so I just bought a logcake over:

Then with the TRDO family also to celebrate Ryan's (advanced) birthday!!:

Christmas day! Did some toning for my hair (thank you Black Hair Salon!) and spent the rest of the day with Windy:

Drew a portrait for Windy as an Xmas gift (he kinda became older than was supposed to be hahaha):

And finally, this afternoon's Boxing Day lunch with Vanessa, Li Rong, Phylicia and Yunhui @ Lola's Cafe! Haven't been there for years... their prices have increased so much.

Erm, they are my students and 10 years younger than me hahhaahah but I'm like the shortest. Sure:


Sometime last week:

"It's raining..."

Soooo... I won't get to finish up whatever has happened in 2018 by the end of the year as I would have hoped to.... flying off to Yogya this Friday for the New Year! My 2nd time spending it away from SG.

Wishing all a HAPPY 2019!! :D

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Achieved a couple of dance choreography milestones this year (especially for SP SDZ!)... something that I didn't even want/think I would do if you asked me to before 2018. The above is one of them! :)

What was half-done and stashed away in Q1 of 2017 was finally brought back to life and completed in this little video project of ours... partly due to 1.5 years of constant nagging from Vanessa hahaha. The initial choreography was meant for the TRDO Youth League competition back in 2017, but the Tertiary segment got cancelled due to poor response so there was no point in me finishing it up. I was secretly glad HAHAHA because I was really lost and didn't know how to choreography properly.

So yes... the idea of turning it into a video sounded good, but it also took me awhile to tell myself that I could do it. I decided that I should really complete it by the end of 2018 if I were to say yes, thank you dancers for making it happen with just 2 rehearsals!! Hence everything is far from perfect... but as Li Rong put it (to comfort me and also herself...) - 不完美才是完美 hahaha.

And as you can tell, they were horribly dirty because of the floor hahaha. Thank you for tolerating the space!!! :)

They bought me these cakes from Châteraisé which were soooo delicious :D


Then I took the opportunity to shoot for Daniel Wellington again for their Xmas promotion lolol:

Anddddd it's Christmas today! Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Portrait x Sofra

Last weekend when Windy had the urge to take some Portrait shots:

Then we had one of the yummiest meals at a Turkish restaurant, Sofra! Apparently the place's been there for awhile hahaha but I only knew about it recently when Windy recommended it!

We had the Hummus (S$6.20) and Turkish Bread (S$2.90):

The Chef's Plate (S$24.50) which consists of Doner Kebab, Izgara Kofte & a skewer of Shish Kebab, and I had the Lamb Chop (S$23.50) which was soooo good I devoured it to the bone:

The bill totalled to about S$70, but it was really filling and satisfying!! :D

Sofra Turkish Cafe and Restaurant
Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Rd,
#02-42/44 Shaw Leisure Gallery
Singapore 189702

Mon - Thurs: 11:30am - 9:30pm
Fri: 11:30am - 10:00pm
Sat: 12:00am - 10:00pm
Sun: 12:00am - 9:30pm
Tel: +65 6291 1433