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Friday, September 17, 2021

[REVIEW] Dig in Cakes

Dig In Cakes is an online cake delivery store in Singapore which offers a variety of interesting flavoured cakes such as Okinawa Milk Tea and Blueberry Elderflower. However, I was getting the cake for my brother's birthday, and him being him, isn't very adventurous when it comes to food hahahaha so he picked a very predictable 8-inch Red Velvet Cake (S$84)!

Every order comes with a customisable message card for you to send your wishes to that special someone. Simply enter your message at checkout!

The exterior of the cake looks pretty normal, but decent enough for a simple celebration.
(Anyway they forgot to provide me with a birthday topper and candle, so I had to use my own lol. Thankfully I had spare ones at home.)

The interior of the cake is really pretty, with alternating layers of sponge and cream cheese. I like how the cream cheese layers weren't too thick so the taste didn't get too overpowering. The sweetness level overall was right for me too!

I enjoyed the combination of the different textures from the sponge, the cream as well as the crunchiness of the nuts.

If you are searching for gifts, Dig In Cakes also offers flowers, balloons and plush toys to complete the package! They provide island-wide delivery 24/7 as well so not to worry about holding any last minute celebrations! :)

Thank you Dig In Cakes for making my brother's celebration a success!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!

Before 2020 comes to an end (only 10 more mins!)......

Our Christmas lunch @ Renga-ya! It was our first time here and we can't emphasise how good the food here was!! They come with a price of course haha our meal totalled to S$260:

Our expressions after tasting the melt-in-the-mouth Wagyu Tokuzen Karubi omgggg it was heavenly:

We only ordered a portion of it initally because it was already $39 for ~6 slices?? But after finishing it we looked at each other and we were like "let's get another plate" LOL.

OOTD for that day! Loving the swing dress which was donated to me by a friend on Christmas Eve cos she didn't want to wear it anymore. A person's trash is another's treasure right? :D

We were still hungry so we had more food at Privé haha:

And this was our New Year's Eve dinner today @ Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant! Sorry we are really meat lovers hahaha. We only gave this place a try a month back (even though it is so close to my house) and I've been back 4 times already!

2020 hasn't been a good year for the world due to Covid-19, so let's hope 2021 will bring better news!

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy 2021, may whoever's be reading this be blessed with good health and wealth! :D

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

[REVIEW] Ice Cream Delivery Singapore

Ice Cream Delivery sells premium ice-cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yoghurt from Mathilda's Gelato! Their ice-cream and gelato are 100% freshly handmade daily using high-quality and fresh ingredients, with no preservatives. They also source their milk and cream from cruelty-free dairy farms where the cows are comfortable, healthy and well-fed.

At Ice Cream Delivery, they promise to deliver within 1 hour from ordering, offering full refunds via store credits for any late deliveries of more than an hour.

My orders were packed in a spacious styrofoam box with ice packs to ensure the pints were still nicely chilled when they arrived:

There were so many interesting flavours to choose from on their website, but I eventually decided on these 4 flavours: Black Sesame, Bubble Gum, Speculoos and D24 Durian!

The box also came with paper cups - 1 for each pint - and spoons which I thought was quite convenient should you be consuming the ice-cream outside of your homes:

Black Sesame Ice Cream - 473 ml (S$18.90) - I added this to cart the moment I saw it because I always liked black sesame desserts! This uses premium Japanese goma that was carefully roasted at optimal temperatures for maximum flavour. It was definitely flavourful enough, but I would have preferred a thicker and creamier texture for it:

Speculoos Ice Cream - 473 ml (S$17.90) - this contains generous amounts of Biscoff biscuits (woohooo I love!) which provide a crunchy texture to the smoothness of the base. I also find the sweet + salty caramel combination just right:

Bubble Gum Ice Cream - 473 ml (S$18.90) - these colours are a huge selling point for me and I'm sure they appeal to many kids and adults too hahaha. I thought it'd taste like Paddlepop because of the similarity in colour combination, but it truly tasted like BUBBLEGUM - if you've had bubblegum (NOT chewing gum) growing up, you'd know what I mean! This was my favourite out of the 4 flavours I picked:

D24 Durian Ice Cream - 473 ml (S$20.90) - my parents and I are huge fans of durians - they more than me, so this was chosen by my father haha. The sweet, creamy flesh of D24 durians was blended to create this flavour, and like most durian desserts, you can never go wrong if the actual flesh was used instead of the artificial essence. I liked how this was not jelak as well, even after eating a lot in a go:

Get FREE delivery for orders above S$60! Ice Cream Delivery is available 24 hours for your needs so if you're satfisfying some last-minute cravings or birthday surprises, look no further.

ALSOOOO, you may quote 'wenhui5off' for 5% off your bill (promo code expires 25th December 2020)! :D

Ice Cream Delivery
Whatsapp: +65 8439 9788

Friday, October 23, 2020

@whippingeggs tiramisu - my journey so far.

If you've been following me on my Instagram (@lovethekisses), you might have known that I've started a little tiramisu business (@whippingeggs) a few months ago!
Majority of the components are made from scratch / done lovingly by hand :)

Every launch is a lesson learnt: did I get the right ingredients? Did I use the right whisking machine? Did I add too much powder thinking the more flavourful the better? Can I start working on it earlier? Did I bake them for too long? Did I send the wrong items out for delivery instead of collection? 
So so soooo many things happened along the way over the past 4 launches that made me stressed and anxious, like how I overbaked the whole batch of ladyfingers, how I decided to add more Milo powder thinking it will be tastier but turned out like diabetes for most people, and how I sent out some customers' pearls for delivery when they were meant to be left at home... so I had to rush out a whole new batch just to ensure my customers can collect in time.

The worst was still my first launch when I wasted so many tubs of mascarpone cheese (and they are the most expensive ones D:) because they were beaten at too high a speed. I failed the first batch not knowing what happened, so I tried again thinking it was probably the cheese's problem, but the same thing happened and I had already used up 4-5 tubs of cheese. BY THEN I HAD ONLY 1 TUB LEFT and nothing done. So I went out to purchase more, but lo and behold, I travelled to 3 different supermarkets and THEY WERE ALL SOLD OUT. By then I had the thought of cancelling this whole thing or telling my customers that it was gonna be postponed cos I don't have the ingredients. But I finally found them on the 4th try, switched to a smaller whisking machine and I finally succeeded. But $XXX gone just like that... and it was only my first launch, so imagine the disappointment haha :(

Something that looks so easy to do really isn’t when everything is done from scratch - I can easily buy ladyfingers off shelves but I choose not to. I can also buy ready-made pearls but I choose to make them myself. Packing them individually into jars is also harder and more time-consuming than it looks because you really have to settle everything

It is also a struggle whether I should price them higher - I see small portions of tiramisus selling at crazily high prices outside and I can now understand why but I would think twice before purchasing because... it is really very small :( And I don't want my consumers to think the same way, I want my products to be really value-for-money, but that means my profit margin is really low.

HOWEVER, rants aside... at the end of every launch I feel very satisfied even though my whole body especially my arms and legs feel like death hahaha. Getting feedback (good and bad) and going through all the 'fails' really help me work things out better for the next round!
Finally thank you my friend, Amelia, for being my dedicated deliverywoman!! This little business wouldn’t have kickstarted if she didn’t agree to help me drive around Singapore because I don't have a car lollll.

Anyway, the next pre-order is likely in mid-November and I also have some exciting plans for Christmas... so stay tuned!! Do support if you can :D