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Sunday, August 26, 2012

3D2N in Hong Kong: August 2012

Didn't really want to post this up now, but I figured it's gonna be super outdated if I dragged any further lol. Anyway this was only a 3D2N trip because our schedules (my dance rehearsals, our exams and his flight to UB) clashed badly with each other. It was also a really last-minute booking (like 4 days before we flew? haha) so our flight + hotels were quite expensive. A 3D2N trip was probably just right. It was both our 1st time in HK and initially we were pretty scared to travel without any guidance, but anyhow, we managed to survive and squeeze whatever we want to do within these 3 days! :)

Day 1:

Our Tiger Airways flight was at 6.50am and we reached the HK airport at ~10.30am, but the immigration check queue there was crazily looooong. Wasted so much time :(

Boarding the MTR from the Airport! We took so long to figure out how to use the ticketing machine and how to read the MTR map:

Funny how there's a station named Hong Kong (aren't we already in HK?!):

At Tsim Sha Tsui station, en route to our Butterfly On Prat hotel which was only about a 3-minute walk. I would totally recommend this hotel, not only because of its strategic location to the TST and East TST stations, but also due to their awesome customer service! :D:

They've Sasas like in almost every corner (comparable to the Gongcha outlets we have in SG):

By the time we reached our hotel it was already about 2pm - time for lunch! :D We starved ourselves before that so that we could eat to our hearts' content at Lei Garden @ Housten Centre (~ a 5-minute walk):

Duck's tongue!:

Headed to Festival Walk, a pretty gigantic mall with plenty of high-end shops (which we obviously didn't go into haha) @ Kowloon Tong. I only bought 2 beanies/berets from H&M, and Shane got a top from Uniqlo:

Headed to Mongkok to visit the Ladies' Market, which was such a disappointment because all the stalls pretty much sell the same (and not v interesting) things:

Trying smelly tofu for the first time!:

To Yau Ma Tei's Temple Street:

We reached at around 6pm (they open at 4pm) but apparently we were still too early because some stalls were not up yet, and those that were had nothing much to see :(

So we spent our money on food instead hehehe like the sausage and my awesome Green tea Pocky!:

Ended our 1st day with some dessert!:

The egg pudding which cost us ~S$10 and they weren't verrrry nice:

Oh and we went out for supper at the nearby noodles cafe just behind out hotel.

Day 2:

Up and ready in the morning to head to Disneyland! We couldn't make up our minds whether to go there or to Ocean Park (we've no time for both) but for some reason we figured Disneyland would be more suitable haha:

Look at the train omg how cute!:

The Turkey leg (HKD50) was huge and so so so goodddd we devoured it like 2 famished people haha:

Weather was scorching HOT we couldn't resist an ice-cream:

Took photos with Minnie and Goofy (only because I felt sorry for him cos there wasn't a queue like Minnie's haha):

And we made these double-sided keychains (HKD200 for both)! :)

Toy Story land:

Grizzly Gulch:

We couldn't resist another turkey leg on our way out hahaha. Too delicious!:

Byebye Disneyland!:

The thing is, we paid the entrance fee of HKD399/pax to Disneyland just to walk around and (pay more) for their food. We didn't even take any rides hahaha because I am too chicken to sit on rollercoasters etc. But anyway the waiting times for all the rides were mostly 50 minutes, so there wasn't any point queuing and wasting time right?? Haha.

Made our way to Causeway Bay after that:

Removed my Minnie ears because everyone was staring at me weirdly :(

Was so happy so see a 5-storey F21!! But inside it was disappointing and I didn't get to buy anything :(

Harbour City:

Had dinner at a dimsum restaurant (too lazy to post up those pics) just outside of Harbourcity and we headed back to rest after a super tiring day!

Day 3:

Had breakfast at Delifrance just opposite our hotel:

Checked out the Avenue of Stars which was only about a 5-min walk away:

Took a bus to South Horizons to check out Prada outlet which sells (mostly past seasons) merchandise at almost 30% the price of that in Singapore. I wanted so much a get a wallet but too bad there wasn't a red one in the design I like :( Anyway we realised the bus fares there are not calculated via distance, but rather by the number of trips you make, so it's so much more worth it if you travel till the last stop instead of alighting just one stop later:

Bus-ed back to Admiralty MTR station where we just wandered around and had some green tea froyo from Yo Mama:

Finally, our last stop - Kowloon's Elements:

Had pasta for dinner and woohoo, we found this cafe that sells escargots and melt-in-the-mouth foie gras!!!! YUMMYYYY I've never tasted one like that:

We wanted to search for street food/markets around Kowloon but sadly there was none. With 30 minutes left before we had to head to the airport, we decided (or rather, I wanted to) head up to SKY100 to check out the scenery for ~HKD150/person:

We almost missed our flight back because we didn't know we had to take a train to Terminal 1 to board the plane hahaha. So we took our time walking and eating sashimi (speaking of this, WHY DON'T THEY HAVE SWORDFISH SASHIMI IN HK?! THE ONE AT THE AIRPORT HAS, BUT IT WENT OOS ARGH) at Terminal 2, so when we knew boarding was at T1 we ran like crazy (in my slippers omg) up escalators and towards gate 32 (WHICH WAS DAMN FAR AWAY) and we were the 2nd last passenger. Great workout for whatever we've eaten over the past few days!

HK's pretty much navigable because there are road signs nearly everywhere. I can understand/speak a little Canto too which made things slightly easier for us haha. Oh and we tried to source for street stalls that specially sell HK milkteas but no they do not have those :( So we could only get them from the usual cafes/restaurants around.
My camera's auto-focus also decided to fail me a few days before the trip, so I had to shoot everything manually, even the scenery, which was really frustrating at times. It was so hard to ask people to take pictures for us too because the photos would end up being blur 'cos they didn't know how to focus.

Anyway it was a really great trip, Hong Kong has been really pleasant to us! Can't wait to travel again in Dec/Jan, probably to Taiwan or BKK hehe.
Fall'12 is starting tomorrow, and I've morning classes again sigh. Pray that I'd be able to wake up in time now that Shane is not able to give me morning calls :'(


  1. YAY! You how beautiful sia... my pictures kinda ruin the post X(((... Miss you so much right now... wish to have you in my arms... lets go for a trip when I am back!

    1. Hehe I like the one with your closeup face @ Avenue of Stars!! More of your photos on Facebook hahahaha. Come back quick!

    2. I can't wait to be back in Singapore with you... Miss you so much...

  2. This post brought me back to my Hong Kong trip last year! :( Hahahaha good job with the post anw, I'm still lazy as ever to post up mine lol. ^^"

    1. You mean you haven't posted up the pics from last year?? Hahaha omg. Your BKK trip brought me back too! Can't wait for the chance to go there again ^^

  3. Hyperventilate at the hello kitty items!
    Anyway i didnt you went hongkong until you're back gosh anyway love the disneyland photos. :>

    1. Hahaha their McDonald's have the Hello Kitty toys that are different from those in SG's, seriously daaaamn cute. But I didn't get any :(

      And thanks! Yeah I didn't announce it to many people that's why hehe.

  4. Hi Minnie Ears!!! Your trip looks awesome! :)

    1. HI!! Hahaha I love those ears but I don't think I'll have an opportunity to wear them again while in SG :(
      Yes I really enjoyed the trip!! Totally missing HK nowwwwwww.

  5. whoa your trip looks so fun!!!!!! is the disneyland of any good? heard a lot that there isn't much but it looks quite ok! (didn't have time to visit when i was last there). hehe yey! i went to hk in may and havent even uploaded but you... D: too fast!! (Y)

    1. Hahaha omg you should upload them soon!! All the photos sure damn nice :D
      Disneyland's actually quite like SG's USS? Haha I like these kind of places cos everywhere's so cheery they make me happy! I'm not sure about the rides though (whether they are fun anot) cos I didn't take anyyyyy hahaha.

  6. My bf and I spent one week in HK this June. We're definitely looking to returning again soon! Many places we've yet to explore:)

    1. Yeah same here, there's just so much out there for us to explore! :)
      Here's wishing you a good trip in advance ^^

  7. 3D2N Fuck fest! of course it must have been fun!

    1. Just look at how shallow you are. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
      And you must be pretty blind/senseless/emotionless to not tell from the photos that we had fun in other ways.

      Oh and just so you know, virgins still exist ;)