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Sunday, September 9, 2012

NOOK D.I.Y House of Pancakes @ Lorong Kilat

This was dinner part (II), continued from Carpenter and Cook in the previous post:

We happened to walk past this cafe (which is just a few shops beside C & C) while on the way home, and they were actually wrapping up their soft launch thingy which I didn't know about. I was dying to go in because the whole place looks too interesting and who can resist pancakes?? So I stood and wait till they allowed customers in and tadah! we became they 1st official customer! :D

But.... being the 1st had its upsides and downsides. Apparently all the batter were used up for the soft launch so we had no pancakes to eat for ~40 minutes while the chef hurriedly made the batter. They also had limited toppings and main dishes because it's only their first day :(

The flip side was..... we were given this yummy pastry to try for free! Hehe the ladyboss was deciding if she should bring this in so she asked for our feedback. It tasted like a mixture of lemon + orange and it was pretty good:

Ordered a Breakfast Bully (~S$18) to share while waiting for their pancake batter to be ready. They didn't have baked beans that day so they substituted them for smoked salmon (Y):

We ordered the Small Jar (S$10) of Dark Chocolate batter (there are also other flavours like strawberry and pandan), which comes with 2 toppings - we chose strawberries and bananas, and were given an additional chocolate sauce hehe. Alternatively, you can choose the Large Jar (S$18) which is fit for ~5 persons and it comes with 5 toppings:

Ladyboss Dawn made this for me as a demo on how to use the pan:

My Hello Kitty became inverted when I flipped it over :(

NOOK was set up to create a interactive and entertaining place for family members and friends to bond, and at the same time promote pancake art and creativity through such activities. I think that this is a really awesome concept because my family and I really enjoyed ourselves, and I believe some of my friends (who went a few days after) did so too :D

The serve a bunch of desserts (they've red velvet pancakes on their dessert menu! Which sadly wasn't available then) as well as all-day-breakfasts and brunch. With a variety of awesome sides, toppings and dishes to choose from, be sure not to miss this cafe! ^^

P.S. Check out my 2nd post on NOOK here:

Nook D.I.Y House of Pancakes
21 Lorong Kilat, #01-03

Tue - Fri: 12.00pm - 10.00pm
Sat: 10.00am - 10.00pm
Sun: 10.00am - 7.00pm
Tel: +65 6466 1811

Oh and I finally got a Macbook Pro sometime last week! ^^ Of course the 1st thing I did was to test the photobooth (well, it WAS one of the reasons for getting a Mac hehe):

And this is for my friends who've been asking why Shane calls me 'Towel':

Anyway it's back to a 7-day dance week for me starting tomorrow because of all the upcoming performances, and I haven't been sleeping well since the start of Fall'12 :( Really hope I can survive till December...................


  1. WAH! So lucky huh... everything looks so yummy! Must be your photo taking skills. :D

    Have been having nightmares again? Must sleep well, do't be like me. Some how I get woken up by early morning noises. We will both survive until Dec!!!! I love you baby, my towel... :*

    1. My phototaking skills are at the noobest level ever compared to some of my friends who are reading this!!! :'(

      Yeah, the usual nightmares + body clock that doesn't let me sleep past 12pm :( 101 more days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  2. OMG NOOK LIKE SO COOL! HEHEHE HI TOWEL :D My boyf calls me barbuseng when I do that! :S

    1. Yah!! It's really damn fun, so much to eat also hehehe. And omg barbuseng so funny hahahaha HI BARBUSENG!! >:D

  3. Replies
    1. I don't think so because they serve pork (bacon)!