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Thursday, April 4, 2013

5th Putrajaya Hotair Balloon Fiesta 2013!

Day 1 (29th March 2013):

- Our bus to KL was scheduled at 10.15am, but all the buses were stuck at the Customs on their way to SG (probably cos it was the Good Friday holiday), so everything was pushed back and we finally got on our bus only at 12pm. I was so pissed :(

- Reached the Johor Customs and it was havoccccccc. Think we got stuck there for 1 hour because of their inefficiency, and the place was so small everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder it was terrible.

- Finally reached Berjaya Times Square at 7.30pm (omg) and we didn't have much time left to shop. Had dinner at Asahi Japanese Restaurant and then we had a Mint Mille Crepe which was so good!

- Had some awesome Bak Kut Teh at Chinatown after that :9

Day 2 (30th March 2013):

We slept at 1am and woke up 2 hours later at 3am, just so we could cab to the station + catch the earliest KLIA Transit at 4.33am + cab to the hotair balloon fiesta. We reached there at 5am but a queue was already forming.

So this was my tired face and messy hair at 4.33am hahaha:

They started giving out number tags at 6.30am and I got really excited. I wonder what time the 139 people in front of me started queuing from:

Stood there for a good 2 hours fidgeting + swiping away flying insects + feeling really hungry as we watched the sky slowly light up:

And we finally bought our tickets at 7.30am!!!!! (Y):

I actually came here to have a ride on this Cat balloon hahaha, but in the end I took the other balloon because that one flew higher and for a longer duration:

So we queued and queued, and at ~9.30am it was finally our turn!!!:

Up up here we goooooo!:

We didn't fly vvvvv high (probably around 7 storeys above ground?), but it was high enough for me to be scared hahaha. Which explains the lack of photos of the scenery + of us because I didn't dare to move around in the basket. My feet were literally rooted to where I first stood when I got into the balloon. Anyway it all lasted for about 5 minutes only.

We rushed to the food section right after we landed hahaha. We were so hungry because we haven't eaten anything since 3am, we bought almost everything we saw hahah:

I bought 1 of these!! Have been wanting to get one since a long time ago, I ran over once I saw it:

Headed back to the hotel at around 11am for a nap, it wasn't even noon but it felt like a really long day already. Woke up for my manicure + pedicure session at Berjaya Times Square, and then I found this super yummy milkshake shop!!!:

Headed to Chinatown at night for some really awesome beef noodles!!!!!:

Dinner round 2 - Lalas and sotongs, and we each had another bowl of rice hahaha omg. How did we even manage to finish everything:

Day 3 (31st March 2013):

Checked out of our hotel at 10am and took the free shuttle bus to Suria KLCC.

We wanted to try their KFC because they've this Cheesy Zinger Burger and Famous rice bowl thingy that aren't available in SG:




Likka shioookkkk!:




Donuts + the yummy Murtabak hotdog wrap:

Headed back to Putrajaya Times Square where Shane bowled, and we ate even more:


And then it was home sweet hommmmeeeeeee! :D


    I also want to sit hotair balloon :(

    1. HAHAHHA NA LI HUI?! I looked so tired leh :(
      You should go try it some time, next yr or smth!! hehehe.

  2. you are beautiful, i love your photos !

  3. wher did u get ur grey top :)

    1. It's actually a romper hehe I got it from butteredgun.lj! :)