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Saturday, July 6, 2013


As some of my friends have already known, there's this person by the name of Bryan Yang who has been commenting on my blog posts ever since late-April. It was really heartwarming at first to know that there are actually people who appreciate my posts, but after awhile it got really out of hand with him.
To think I was so nice to reply to almost every single comment of his (that was worth replying), look how bad it turned out after that:

(Really lengthy post ahead, but please read till the end!)

I meant it when I replied to this. I can't stop someone who just wants to be a 'fan' right?:

I was still trying to be very friendly.....:

And then his comments started to get weirder from here, when he began to want to get to know me in person:

He said he saw me at Five & Dime the other day. I wasn't on shift, but yeah I was there. And then he said he wanted to pay me a visit at work a few days later, but I wasn't sure if he did turn up after all:

Yay even someone else noticed how stalkerish he is:

This was his 1st email to me. He used the email address I provided at the top of my blog, which I recently created for advertisers' usage, but yeah. And obviously I didn't feel like replying, so he commented/emailed again:

And again....:

So he's now afraid of people seeing his comments?? Did he finally realise that he has been commenting too much? Or was he embarrassed of being so persistent? And this comment just sounded way too creepy:

I can sense desperation here......:

He didn't get my obviously-very-obvious reply:

I didn't reply to the above comment, so he tried his luck again:

I was starting to get reaaaalllyy pissed off and sarcastic here because I have been rejecting his meetups etc BUT HE CAN'T SEEM TO UNDERSTAND WHAT 'I DON'T WANT TO MEET.' MEANS:

I can't believe he actually wanted me to escort him into the shop when it was a really busy Sunday night. He said he was afraid. And he even told me: 'It's just a few minutes I don't think the customers will starve.' WOWWWW. Employers/future employers please take note, I don't think he can work in the service sector.

So obviously I didn't go out to meet him, and he commented this:

And when I didn't reply, he emailed me AGAIN:

In my reply above I sent him a screenshot of my 1st ever reply in the email thread ('Please just stop contacting me...') because I was SO TIRED of repeating myself.

Guess what I got when I woke up this morning????:

He said I am rude? Please take a look at his email and figure out who's the rude one.

This final email was what spurred me to dedicate this whole post to him. Honestly I have been really nice and patient all this while, don't you think so?? It's his fault that he didn't seem to get it when I ignored his comments/emails, or even when I blatantly stated that I didn't wish to meet at all. I don't see why I am an 'unresponsive and unfriendly bitch', seriously. My tolerance level can be really high but if you choose to call me names and be unreasonable like this, this is what you get.
I have friends who asked me to ignore him/make police reports but I chose to be patient first, and this is what I got in return. Thank you very much too, Bryan. And I know karma exists, so you please remember that too.

Since 2013 I had 4 such cases of creepy weirdos, including Bryan. I have already made police reports of the 1st two people and I know one of them was caught and he stopped. I don't know what I did this year to 'attract' such creeps but I sincerely hope I won't be making anymore police reports.

This was received 30 minutes ago, when he realised I've posted this:

But why should I? Why can't you just stand up to your doings? And since you already 'said goodbye', why are you still emailing me? Hmmmm........


  1. Such an interesting story...

  2. Damn! That stalker dude needs to go out and get some friends and shit!

  3. I was the Anonymous comment-er who warned you of his stalker=ish ways. Great post! This ought to control things a lil :)

  4. For those who read this. Especially my friends. Please believe me. I have no intention of disturbing the blog's owner. I'm really sorry for those whom I have offended in any way. But I'm not desperate. I promised that I will not leave and send anymore email/comments as long as this post is removed but appently it's still up. So I hope you all read this comment. I am sincerely willing to stop all this.

    1. I hope your friends see you for who you are, that you can make a girl feel uncomfortable about the men in our society. There are plenty of good guys out there, but it takes a few black sheep like you to make things difficult for the rest of us. Your actions reflects your intentions, an even if you claim to be "not desperate", your comments and persistence show otherwise.

    2. Wahhh Bryan. Well done. Come I clap for you....... -.-""""

    3. You don't know how it feels to be in my shoes. You'd panic too if you're being embarrassed in public media like this.

    4. yes but your actions are asking for public humiliation. you can only blame yourself.

  5. Oh gosh wenhui, that was creepy............

    1. I know :/ Just glad all these is over now!