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Thursday, July 25, 2013

[ADVERT] ZALORA: NCLA'S Fantasy Fingertips

I've only recently started painting my nails because I've never felt happy about how my fingers look (those who know me personally will definitely understand, and those who don't can see from the pictures below to know why haha) so I thought I shouldn't draw any more attention to them. However recently I became so attracted to all the fanciful nail art designs and gorgeous polish colours that I couldn't resist going for manicures/DIY.

But one thing I hate about painting nails is the time needed for the polish to dry. I have little patience to wait so I'm always in a hurry to apply the 2nd coat + top coat and I'd end up destroying the bottom layer(s).
When ZALORA approached me with these nail wraps by NCLA, I was so happy because it means getting pretty nails in no time! :D

Just a few steps to achieve those awesome-looking nails!:

1. Apply a coat of clear polish/base coat to your nails and let it dry completely.
2. Choose the correct foil size for each nail. Peel from the sheet by the flap (there's this tiny thing jutting out at the end).

3. Apply the round side against the cuticle. Stretch the nail foil to fit your nail perfectly.
4. Once in position, firmly flatten foil from the cuticle to remove all air bubbles. Repeat until completely flat.
5. Use the nail file to remove excess nail foil. File in downward motion. Apply another coat of shiny clear nail polish.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all nails and you're done! Quick and fuss-free :)

You can check out for the video tutorial!

And here are some of their other pretty nail stickers designs:

NCLA (Nail Couture L.A) is the latest luxury nail label to hit ZALORA Beauty! ZALORA's carrying a range of the brand’s most gorgeous, spunky, ‘5-free’ nail lacquers, along with an exclusive collection of the very nail wraps that made NCLA a celebrity-favorite among Hollywood lovelies Rachel McAdams, Vanessa Hudgens and Zoe Saldana.

Do check them out at! :D :D

Other irrelevant shots hahaha:


  1. Wow. Nice pictures. You don't look like you're local. And you have such nice legs. Yum yum. xP

    1. Lol!!! Finally. Was waiting for your reply. Thought you'll never respond. Are you pure singaporean?

    2. I didn't want to, cos I didn't know how to lol. Yup, I am! :)

    3. Rofl!! You didn't know how to respond? Just reply ma. Scared boyfriend angry ah? Lolz

  2. Where they good quality in your opinion?

    1. Yes they are, if you paste them correctly :) They are stretchy and don't break easily!