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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Bravery @ Horne Road

Last Wednesday's lunch @ The Bravery:

This place is easy to miss if you aren't looking out for the wall numbered '66'. There isn't any sign/logo (yet, I guess?) neither is there a proper entrance, just a golden door which you push to enter:

Pancakes Stack (S$15) - fluffy pancakes with banana, ricotta cheese, honey, and crushed pistachio. Unlike most other pancakes that I've tried, these aren't dry and I didn't get 'bored' of them at all! I also love how the softness of the banana and the crunchiness of the pistachio go so well together:

Brave Bagedil (S$17) - 2 nicely poached eggs with turkey bacon and avocado slice on corned beef begedil hash. I loooooved the beef hash (which is a combination of hashbrown and corned beef); it's so addictive I kept eating and eating and eating and eating........:

Beef Steak Ciabatta (S$13.50) - rump steak silvers with onion jam, melted mozzarella and tomato salsa. The ciabatta's baked really nicely, with a very crispy crust and soft interior. The jam, cheese, salsa and steak complement each other really nicely as they balance each other out:

Dungaree from :)

I really love this place. It's a simple and unpretentious cafe with really good food and service! :)

The Bravery
66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073

Mon: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Wed - Sun: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Tel: +65 6225 4387


  1. Hi again,

    May I use a few of your pictures for a write-up on The Bravery for You would definitely get credit for them.

    1. Hello.
      Yup sure you may, as long as the photos are credited :)

    2. Thank you! Here's the link: Happy holidays :-)

    3. Happy holidays to you too! :)