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Monday, October 7, 2013

DanceArt @ SIM Open House | Student Week 2013!

SIM Open House, 21st Sept 2013:

Our TRDO item, in a different costume:

Boulevard of Happiness:

SIM Student Week, 23rd - 26th Sept 2013:

Slow Me Down (photos credit to SIM Photography Club):

Awkward right foot as I was about to turn lol:

Do Re Me hahahah:


I wasn't supposed to be in this item, but Shuwei injured her neck on the 2nd day so I was in to replace her at the last minute. Cabbed to school and learnt whatever I could from her in 1 hour. My most unprepared performance ever hahahhaa with mistakes of course, but it was a thrilling experience:

My last ever Open House and Student Week in SIM, really thankful for all the opportunities given to me since Day 1 :)

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