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Monday, December 23, 2013


The other day Amanda & Dennis from Naiise sent me a box of Nyonya kuehs knowing what a foodie I am! Heheh how thoughtful:

Are we done taking photos.......................?

Okay FINALLY. Time to dig in!:

Err wait. These aren't real kuehs at all........ WHAT:

They are actually sticky notes! They look so realistic especially from afar. Stripping off the layers of post-its is akin to stripping the colorful layers of nyonya kuehs one by one. Now I feel like eating them already!:

I have a habit of writing notes for my parents just in case my alarm fails the following morning haha. This huge stack of sticky notes sure comes in real handy:

Some kind of Alice in Wonderland thing going on here.......:

And don't we all need to label our organisers/notebooks especially for school? Those bunch of notes definitely need some form of organisation:

Or how about a 'Merry Xmas' gift tag for your loved ones? :)

And of course, not forgetting putting a smile on someone's face:

"Good design can often leave us speechless, delighted and inspired. which is why we're always looking for things to take your breath away. We love that discovery of the beautiful, fascinating and extraordinary. Our goal is to bring you that experience every time you visit. Because as everyone knows, Naiise things do make the world go round."

Thank you to the naiise people from Naiise! Hehe.
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