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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese New Year (30th Jan - 4th Feb 2014)

CNY Eve:

This year's Reunion dinner was spent at IMM's Longbeach Seafood Restaurant, and this was the mega chilli crab with ultra huge pincers which my parents left for me :D I don't have pictures of other food because we were all too busy eating:

Day 1 - 正月初一:

In love with this headgear but it made me look anything but Chinese on Chinese New Year haha:

What my grandmother cooked for lunch! Yumyum:

My brother and I! I know we look very different hahaha and yes... he is older than me:

Day 2 - 初二:

Gong xi gong xi!:

My grandparents came over and it was my Mum's turn to cook:

And we had red velvet cupcakes for desserts!:

Day 3 - 初三:

Spent the 3rd day of CNY in JB's Citysquare Mall, mostly eating and playing in the arcade hahaha. The pushcart person was so nice to let me take photos with the toys there (w/o even checking on me), which is almost impossible back here in SG. So anyway, just horsing around in the Horse year!:

Day 4 - 初四 @ River HongBao:

Spot me! (Y):

The horse with the Horse:

And pineapple too, just because I was wearing a pineapple top haha:

Here's Cai Shen Ye looking really beautiful at night. It 'blew' out lucky numbers at 8pm, the whole population (including myself) surrounded it by 7.50pm to catch the numbered papers hahaha but I didn't manage to:

Day 5 - 初五:

Met up with my #brunchdategirls @ Tolido's (we only got the name right after a hundred tries hahaha we had Tonelli's, Tolleni's, Todeli..... lololol) for dinner yesterday:

The Cereal Bacon Rolls (S$8.90) are really really delicious!! I've tried bacon rolls before but never ones with cereals; my friends and I loved these:

Our outfit theme was blue!:

The rest of the food (pancakes, American Breakfast, rosti etc) are pretty good too! We also made so much noise (this is what you get when you put 6 girls tgt) but the staff were all very friendly and understanding :)

Tolido's Espresso Nook
462 Crawford Lane, #01-63, Singapore 190462

Tues - Sun: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Tel: +65 6648 0178


I didn't do much visitings this year... technically I only visited my grandparents and greatgrandfather haha. But yay looking forward to the lunch/dinner gatherings over the coming weekend! I haven't gambled in a while heheh. Hope everyone had a great CNY too! :D



    1. Hahaha no lah, actually officially only the 1st 2 days. The rest are just normal going-out wahaha.

  2. Where is your bustier from on the day you went to JB dear? You are smokin' hot in it!! :)

    1. It's actually a playsuit which I got online from vaingloriouslyou.lj :) Thank you!!! :D