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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

November 8 Coffee & Company @ Sin Ming Road

T'was brunch with my #brunchdategirls last Saturday at November 8 cafe! We were supposed to head to Wheeler's Yard but it was closed for a private event so we switched destination at the last minute while we were all stranded at different locations (and panicking like crazy cos we didn't know where to go) hahaha.
However on our way to the next destination, we spotted Nov 8 from afar and decided to give that a try instead! So glad we did because it was really a hidden gem ^^ Love its cutesy/colourful/vintage interior and the lovely food it offers!:

My pretty friends!:

Orange juice (S$4) - I was told this is freshly squeezed, but it tastes like Minute Maid's Pulpy orange juice to me :(

Hazelnut Latte (S$5.50):

Sweet Potato Fries (S$7) - oven baked fries with Himalayan sea salt. They taste decent but were a little too oily and soggy. The sea salt's unevenly distributed as well so some fries are more flavorful than the others:

Eggs Benedict (S$13) - poached eggs with bacon & honey ham, topped with a-la-minute Hollandaise sauce. This looks really simple and typical but the taste is not the case. The Hollandaise sauce has a pretty unique taste to it and it isn't too creamy or overpowering. I really loved the bacon and honey ham combination too because it provides this sweet and salty mixture that really stands out. The eggs are nicely poached as well:

November Egg (S$18) - consists of scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, portobello mushroom, prosciutto ham, tomato and avocado spread. The scrambled eggs are moist and fluffy, mushroom's really yummy and the avocado sauce complements the whole taste really well. And of course, you can never go wrong with smoked salmon!:

Potato Rosti (S$16) - a-la-minute rosti served with scrambled eggs, bacon and bratwurst sausage. This was probably the highlight of the day! The rosti is thin and really crispy at the sides, and it leaves a fragrant hashbrown aftertaste. It tastes really good paired with the bacon too:

Berrilicious Waffles (S$9) - topped with raspberries, blueberries and a scoop of ice-cream. The waffles have really crispy edges and fluffy insides - the kind of waffles which we love, and we had Rum & Raisin for our ice-cream flavour!:

This was our outfit theme for that day, Winter/Fall colours hahaha:

November 8 Coffee & Company
11 Sin Ming Road, #01-30
Thomson V Two, Singapore 575629

Mon - Tue: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Thu - Sun: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Tel: +65 6554 4388

Went to explore the many other cafes/bakeries around that area and we chanced upon this nail parlour. Decided to do an impromptu manicure session hahaha no prizes for guessing which pair of hands is mine:


  1. Hi there!

    Happened to chanced upon your review here... Nice to have you gals over at our cafe... Glad you liked the food and ambience...

    Our bad on the orange juice... they aren't freshly squeezed.... Hmmmm.. We usually tell our customers the juices are the carton box kind...Not sure what was told to you... hope it wasn't me...Hah!

    Anyway.... Thanks for the really sweet review here! Really glad to have you all here... hope to see you really soon! =)


    1. Hello Wiltian!

      Thanks for having us there too, we probably made a scene with all our (loud) laughters and talking hahaha sorry! Yes we loved the food a lot :)

      Anyway it's okay! I didn't like the orange juice but my friend did so it wasn't exactly wasted haha. It wasn't you who told me about it being freshly squeezed.

      Hope to be back there again soon! :)

  2. You gals brought live to our cafe... seeya soon! =)