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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

VanityTrove: Get, Snap, Blingo! Project Launch

Last Wednesday I was invited by VanityTrove to their project launch party @ Zouk. The outfit theme was 'Modern, Hippie, Chic' hence the look here haha:

With Ruby who reluctantly went with us hahaha:

Some photos below credit to friends and other photographers

Lovely dessert spread prepared by Cremeberry which was so so so good!! I loved the macarons and salted caramel brownies. The plates were wiped clean within an hour. I was hoping for some heavier bites though since I skipped dinner at home for this haha oh well:

Yummy Push 'N' Pop cakes - strawberry, chocolate and durian - by Emicakes!:

With Rubz and Shiling who accompanied me throughout my 1st half of the time there:

And we met the cutesy beauty bloggers, Ashley and Samantha, for the 1st time after 'seeing' each other virtually haha:

I don't know what I was giggling at / Soyato girl handing me my honey lemon flavoured ice-cream!:


And here's one with Jill the host taking a selfie with Lydia and I hahaha (grabbed off her IG):

With pretty Amanda! A pity the only 2 photos we took were both off-focus :(

Can you believe this was actually a CAKE (done by Emicakes as well)? Too realistic and gorgeous to be eaten!:

Had a group photo with all my VT lovelies (we call ourselves the #VTPrincesses now hahaha) at the end of the event! We were probably the only active ones on the online platform at that point in time:

So glad to have been invited to the VT community a few months ago and met all these lovely girls online! It wasn't my first time meeting up with virtual friends and I'm happy this bunch of girls are so down-to-earth as well :')
Anw we all had the same thoughts that day: 'WHAT. The VT community is so huge (there were about 400 ppl at the event)?? I thought it was really small, like just the few of us who were constantly active!' Lololol oops.

Sign up for your own VanityTrove account now! If you already have one, download the VanityTrove app on your phone for viewing on-the-go! :)

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