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Friday, April 4, 2014

Gaest @ McCallum Street | Pidgin Kitchen & Bar

After a 2nd failed attempt to Wheeler's Yard last Saturday (sigh I swear we totally have no fate with it), my #brunchdategirls and I settled for brunch at Gaest:

Mocha (S$6.50) - not sure why this tastes like there's alcohol in it when it contains 64% Valrhona dark chocolate hahaha. Pretty special though:

Hot Dark Chocolate (S$6) - made from pure Valrhona dark chocolate (comes in white chocolate too!) and milk. Sadly this isn't rich nor chocolatey enough for me:

They were out of a few food items that day, like the Pork Sandwich and eggplants, and there was already a limited number of items to choose from from the menu :(

Potato Sandwich (S$13) - fresh homemade sourdough bread with soft-boiled potatoes, lemon and salt marinated leeks, hazelnut rye crunch, watercress and smoked mayonnaise. The potatoes are thick and crunchy and I love the hazelnut rye which are crispy and slightly salty:

Omelette with Cheese (S$14) - fluffy omelette with goat cheese, sourdough bread and salad (with barley?):

Salmon & Eggs (S$15) - scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, sourdough bread and salad. The salmon is a little too fishy but I loved the scrambled eggs (though they are quite dry. Jo ordered the same dish but hers are really creamy):

Poached Eggs (S$15) - 2 well-poached eggs on bread, supposedly to come with eggplants but they were out of them that day. The server said they would substitute them with peas..... but where are the peas?:

Chicken Sandwich (S$14) - fresh homemade sourdough bread roasted chicken breast, lemon marinated celery stalk, green apple, pea tendrils and fresh herb cream:

It was a challenge to edit the brightness of this photo because of our very different skin tones hahaha. Any brighter I wouldn't be able to see Bev's face:

The Stripes Girls! Hahaha:

Can you guess our outfit theme already?? :D

Food here is generally okay, but we didn't quite enjoy the service at Gaest as we found some servers pretty rude, especially the 2 Chinese female staff on shift that day.
When I handed my camera over to one of them to take some group shots for us, I explained that the camera doesn't have a Live View function so she has to look through the Viewfinder. I told her that only because I saw her staring and fumbling for awhile with the camera, but she had to be so defensive and replied in a stuck-up tone: "Yes I know, I have one too. I was just seeing if it's on Auto or Manual mode." Errr okayyyyy...? I wasn't teaching her how to use it, in fact I was trying to say my model's a really old one and I was sorry to trouble her to look through the Viewfinder. And if she was such a pro DSLR user why did she have so much trouble looking for the AF-MF feature? AND one of the photos (which I didn't post here) she took was off-focus too -.- So much for giving me that attitude I was just trying to be nice. Pffft.

21 McCallum Street, #01-01
The Clift, Singapore 069047

Mon - Sat: 7:30am - 4:00pm
Tel: +65 6634 0922


Then we headed to Ann Siang Hill's P.S. Cafe to celebrate Shu's birthday! :D

(Pictures from Yan's camera)

Sticky Date Pudding - this is really sweet and yummy but soooo sinful. Love the hot and cold sensation!:

Key Lime Pie - the whole slice is a little too nua for me... would prefer the base to be harder and crunchier:

Truffle Fries (S$15) - these are so much better than the ones I 1st tried over at Paragon's outlet. So glad I decided to give them a 2nd chance hahaha:



After that was dinner with Windy @ Pidgin Kitchen & Bar!:

Beetroot (S$15) - homemade hay's dairies goat milk ricotta, jambu air, Sainte-Maure (I googled that it's actually a kind of cheese) and hazelnut. I didn't try this at all but from the looks and size of it it isn't really worth S$15:

Eggs Meurette (S$15) - poached eggs in red wine with kicap manis (which explains the blackness of the whole dish lol), bacon and mushrooms. This isn't as salty as it looks, in fact it tastes pretty good overall. The eggs however feel just like soft-boiled eggs:

Sambal Escargots (S$8) - their specials for that day!! I haven't had escargots in a while and I really loved these! The sambal taste is really strong and spicy but goes so well with rubbery escargots :9

"Milo Dinosaur" Version 2.1 (S$15) - 72% dark chocolate flourless cake, milo ice-cream, milo streusel and dulce de leche. They took so long to serve this we thought it's gonna be really huge or something but no :(
Taste-wise it is great though! The ice-cream is thick and rich, and the cake is smooth and dense. The dulce de leche is really yummy too!:

They also serve really interesting dishes like Bak Kwa Mac & Cheese and Razor Clams Dao Suan (??!!!)! Would love to head back to try those but only if their portions were bigger........... :(

Pidgin Kitchen & Bar
7 Dempsey Road
#01-04, Singapore 249671

Mon - Sat: 12:00pm - 2:30pm / 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Tel: +65 6475 0080

And because dinner wasn't satisfying/filling, we headed on to Everything with Fries for more food hahahaha omg. I think I ate too much that day.


  1. Ewwww other than my flower picture why the rest of the pictures so yellowish and pixelated:( is it because of fb or I never use the correct mode?

    1. Hahaha cos I saved them from FB so it's not the original quality from your camera! Those in your blog looks fine :)