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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love Out Loud Asia: 10 Tips for Taking a Girl to the Movies

This is a guest post I've written for Love Out Loud Asia. You can also check out the post over HERE.

Movie theatres are comfortable and enjoyable places where you get to watch your favourite shows on comfy cushiony chairs. However, for people going on their first dates together, the cinema can appear to be pretty intimate and intimidating because of its dark and probably-a-little-too-cosy setting. A girl may be reluctant to go to the movies with you especially if you have just met each other for the first few times.

But fret not! This does not mean it can never happen! There are definitely a couple (no pun intended) within the hundreds of audience who are there on their 1st dates. So how do they do that? Here are some tips to ask a girl to the movies! :)
Disclaimer: This does not work for every single girl!

1. Know the kind of movie she likes
This is probably the most important step. Find out first by casually asking her of movies she's seen before, or whether she has any favourite actors/actresses. Mention certain genres of movies and see if she gets excited or cringes at the sound of it. This will be the stepping stone to knowing what kind of movies to invite her to.

2. A suitable genre still matters
Having said that, I don't suggest going for movies that involve too much romance or makeout scenes, even if it's in one of her list of 'likes' - you won't want to give the girl the wrong idea on your 1st few dates. No, no Sci-Fis or Documentaries either, unless those are the only stuff she is into (which is rare for a girl). Probably a light-hearted comedy-romance would be more suitable at this stage. If she isn't a fan of such genres, go for action or thrillers first.

3. Surprise, surprise!
By turning up at her doorstep or while out with her with a pair of movie tickets in your hands shows how much consideration you've put into the date, and how much you really want to catch the movie with her. Also, this lowers the chance of her rejecting your offer.
However, note that this may scare some girls off because they may be taken aback by your straightforwardness/forcefulness, so... definitely not for the faint-hearted (both parties included)!

4. Confidence is key
Be confident and casual at the same time when asking her out, and also make sure she knows you are being serious about going on a date with her. Girls don't like guys who seem unsure of themselves or appear too nervous and indecisive (well, some may think they are cute but honestly no, most girls don't).

5. Be straightforward and quick
In addition, if you are already out with her and you feel like catching an impromptu movie, be straightforward. Chances are, if you asked her what she wants to do she'd probably think you didn't give this date a thought, or she'd likely say "I don't know!" / "Anything's fine!" or worse, "How about we head home now?"

6. Pickup Lines??
If you know she is a movie fanatic, how about trying some pickup lines from movies she likes? ;) This will show how much interest you display in knowing what she likes, and also the effort you take to memorise and act them out.

7. Be prepared/ Do your research!
If the above point actually happens, she'd probably think that the two of you have similar tastes in movies and could go on about the storyline. So make sure you know what to say to keep the conversation going! This may also make her feel closer to you because you have something (else) in common.

8. Proximity matters
Try to head to a cinema that is close to her house, especially if you are catching a night show and (I hope you are) sending her home. This can reduce the chances of her rejecting you because she is 'too lazy to travel' especially if you are planning on taking the public transport.

9. How about a group outing first?
If you sense that she is shy or uncomfortable spending time alone with you at this stage, ask if she wants to invite her friends along. You can also suggest a group outing to the cinema instead. This can help lighten the atmosphere and make her feel more at ease. However if she seems perpetually a lot more keen on this idea........ I'm afraid she probably isn't that into you :/

10. Pressurising is a no-no!
Do not pressure her at all costs if she is reluctant to head to the movies with you. Chances are she won't even give it a second thought if you are too persistent with it. You can probably suggest a less intimate date like a casual dinner at a cafe, and then try asking her again the next time. If it happens again, find out the reason for the constant rejection.

Asking a girl out to the movies really isn't as hard as it sounds, especially in today's context where everyone is more open. So just take a deep breath, gather your courage and GOOD LUCK! ;D

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