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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[ADVERT] Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf @ Sentosa Cove

Some time last month, I was invited by Stella to a food tasting session at Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf @ Sentosa Cove together with Christabel and Francesca:

Lychee Mojito (~S$13.80) - I don't drink alcoholic drinks, but I find this really refreshing and I love the fruity lychee flavour. Francesca's was Yuzu (I think) and it's pretty good too!:

Fresh Oyster Platter (S$36/half dozen or S$69/dozen) - this place is known for its oysters and I can totally understand why - these are probably the freshest oysters I've eaten! Really yummy and juicy too. The platter comes with different condiments as well, we tried the Truffle Oil and it goes surprisingly well with the oysters.

And for those who don't know, oysters are actually very good for you! They contain amino acids that give you beautiful complexion and boost water metabolism, hence reducing water retention. They also help to detox acetaldehyde to prevent hangovers!

Assorted Grilled Oyster Platter (S$28/4 pieces) - there are 4 different toppings to choose from: Egg Miso, Lemon, Ponzu and Garlic Butter. Ours came with Egg Miso and Garlic Butter and the latter won us over! The ones with Egg Miso are a tad too salty:

Seafood Salad with Wasabi dressing (S$15) - needs no explanation, sashimi lovers will definitely like this:

Pretty Sake cups for us to choose from! I only drank 2-3 sips of my Sake before passing it to Christabel to finish the rest for me haha:

Oden Moriawase (S$15) - consists of Japanese radish, Japanese fishcake, Konnyaku, potato, egg, thick tofu, burdock, baby yam and chicken drumlet. The broth's a little too salty for us.
If you don't fancy some of the items (like me haha), you can actually select your own ingredients at S$3 each to create your own personalised Oden! :)

Oyster Dobinmushi (S$9.50) - Japanese seafood broth with oysters. The soup tastes like miso soup and we really liked it, especially with a dash of lemon juice:

Unagi Kaba-yaki (S$18) - also known as grilled eel, it came as a very large serving and it's one of my favourite Japanese dishes! I love how the skin's so smooth and the everything just melts in the mouth :9 The sauce and sesame go really well with the fish too! Comes with pumpkins on the side but I'm not a fan of it:

Assorted Sushi:

Assorted Tempura (S$18) - a traditional Japanese dish of vegetable/seafood dipped in batter and fried to a crispy golden fritter. My favourite is still the Ebi Tempura!:

Kurogama (Black Sesame) ice-cream (S$5/scoop):

Matcha ice-cream (S$5/scoop):

Overall we felt that most of the food here's gravitated towards the salty side (but yummy nonetheless). We've given feedback to the chef, so hopefully they'd be more suited for the masses the next time!

For all my readers, here's a treat for you! Simply quote my name 'Wenhui/lovethekisses' to get 1 complimentary fresh oyster per pax when you dine-in here! Offer is valid right now till 24th August 2014 :)

Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf
31 Ocean Way, #01-12, Sentosa Cove
The Quayside Isle, Singapore 098375

Mon - Fri: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Tel: +65 6339 6779


I'm flying back from Taipei tonight!! Flight's at 7.55pm, see you all back in SG! :D

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