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Friday, August 15, 2014

Love Out Loud Asia #3: 5 reasons to date a Leo (man)

This is a guest post I've written for Love Out Loud Asia. You can also check out the post over HERE.

Do you believe in horoscopes? I do. I'm a Gemini and possibly every single trait of that zodiac describes myself perfectly - even the negative ones haha. I'm currently in a relationship with a Leo and I must say Leos are really one of the best signs to date. Here are some reasons why:

1. They are 99% fun and 100% romantic
There is never a dull moment with a Leo. Because they are creative and open-minded, you can always expect crazy ideas, conversations and activities on your date, and they are usually 'game' on accepting wild challenges or dares.
They are also the most romantic partners ever. They believe in expressing their love very frequently, be it saying "I love you" every single day or surprising you with balloons and flowers now and then because you like them. They also don't mind writing cheesy love letters, or making up their own love poem or video for you as long as it expresses their affection towards you.

2. They make loyal partners
When a Leo says he loves you, he truly means it from the bottom of his heart - and it will stay that way for as long as you are faithful to him. You never have to worry that he would cheat because staying loyal to you is #1 on his list. You can be sure that when a Leo gives, he gives every bit of his mind, body and soul.

3. They are the most patient and understanding creatures ever
Patience is another virtue of a Leo, and this I can see it clearly in my relationship. He went after me for more than a year (!!!) and even after multiple rejections from me because I wasn't ready, he persisted and stayed by my side and waited till I was.
He has also been tolerating my temper for the longest time, and accompanying me to cafes/events that he might not necessary like. He is willing to take hundreds of OOTD shots for me without complaining - well, most of the times - too.

4. They are optimistic
A Leo is never one to be defeated or disheartened by setbacks, he gets back on his feet fast whenever something bad happens. He tends to see the brighter side of things and this is really useful if the other party is always pessimistic (like me hahaha). I love optimistic people.

5. They are very generous and big-hearted
A Leo is never stingy, be it emotionally or materially. He is willing to spend what he can afford to make sure the date is a successful one, and that both parties are happy at the end of the day. He will also readily give a lot to the relationship without asking much in return, and ensure that you quickly become part of his life.
What makes Leos so well-liked is that they are not only kind towards their partner, but also towards their family members and friends, sometimes even aiding needy strangers :')
(Though sometimes it can be worrying when he treats others too well that I don't feel special anymore hahaha.)

Well of course Leos have their negative traits as well, such being very stubborn/headstrong, bad-tempered and domineering and it can be frustrating at times. But if they are so big-hearted and loving towards us 90% of the time, I don't see why these negative traits have to get in the way :)

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