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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Adult Playground 2014 @ Siloso Beach

It's been more than a month since Adult Playground (click HERE to find out more about it) was over! After all the Tertiary social marketing we did, it was finally down to the actual event on the 8th of November @ Siloso Beach. So glad everything went pretty smoothly that day! :)

Our drinks stall! It was so hectic from 2pm onwards as the sun showed no mercy:

Check out that Jetpack go high above the waters! And apparently that was my friend on it hahahah:

Sadly, The Travelling C.O.W. didn't sell their signature Ramen Burger that day :(

Yu Wei (the guy on that Jetpack hahaha) and Bev:


My #brunchdategirls, missing Jo and Yan:

The live bands (Still Sunrise, Gareth Fernandez, The Sam Willows, Jack & Rai and Gentle Bones) did a great job providing awesome music for everyone the whole day!

JUMP! I love how we all jumped so differently w/o planning hahah:

Still Sunrise and The Sam Willows did another set each as the sun went down, and everything wrapped up at 8pm:

Hope everyone had fun that day despite the crazy sun + long queues!! :)

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