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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[ADVERT] Beijing 101

Beijing 101 Hair Consultants Pte Ltd is Singapore's #1 hair care centre. They aim to "effectively treat hair and scalp conditions using the natural power of premium Chinese herbs, and deliver warm, friendly and attentive service for (their) customers."

Beijing 101 has recently opened a new outlet on 13th December 2014 @ One KM, a new shopping mall located in Paya Lebar.

For the uninitiated, here are some background information on Beijing 101:

1. It is the pioneer in merging Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy into hair care.
2. With 40 years of success in treating hair problems effectively, it is a recipient of multiple International awards.
3. Beijing 101 is supported by a team of qualified Hair Consultants and TCM Practitioners.
4. Their services are available in 60 countries.

Hair loss can be caused by a number of problems such as oily/dry/itchy scalp, stress, dandruff, illness, and so on. One of the unique selling points of Beijing 101 is their usage of TCM to cure the issue of hair loss:

With TCM, Beijing 101 uses Premium-grade Chinese herbs & extracts which are natural, effective and have no side effects even with long-term use. The use of TCM can also treat all hair conditions, including oily scalp, dandruff and hair loss!
Customized treatment is also applied such that every solution and product is tailored to the individual customer.

Those who are looking for home remedies, I have some hair recipes from Beijing 101 to share with you! :)

Lotus Lily Herbal Soup
Nourishes the heart, improves qi and benefits the blood. Calms the spirit and mind, and also aids in achieving healthier hair.

Lotus seeds - 10g
Fresh lily flower - 20g
Chinese yam (山药) - 15g
Sea salt - 2g
Water - 700ml

1. After soaking the lotus seeds and Shan Yao in water for 1 hour, remove the lotus seeds and prepare for use.
2. Wash the lily flower and prepare for use.
3. Put the lotus seeds, Chinese yam (山药) and water into pot and bring to boil. After boiling, cook over low heat for 1 hour.
4. After which, add in lily flower and salt and cook for 5 minutes. Ready to serve.

Hair Darkening Porridge
Benefits the “liver” and “kidney” and darkens the hair. Suitable for deficiency of “liver” and “kidney” which lead to premature white hair, hair loss etc.

Black rice - 50g
Black beans - 25g
Jujube - 10pcs
Black sesame powder - 15g
Brown sugar - 15g
Water - 700ml

1. Soak black rice and black beans separately overnight.
2. After washing the black rice, black beans and jujube, put them all together into a pot with 700ml water and bring to boil.
3. After which, cook over low heat for 1 hour.
4. Add in black sesame powder and cook for another 10 minutes.
5. Add in brown sugar. Ready to serve.

Shou Wu Millet Porridge with Egg
Nourishes the blood and benefits qi. Provides hydration for beautiful skin and maintains dark hair. Suitable for overall body health and beautifying dark hair.

He Shou Wu - 30g
Egg - 1pc
Millet - 50g
Sugar - 20g
Water - 2000ml

1. Put He Shou Wu and water in a pot and cook over low heat till contents turn half full. Extract soup contents from residue.
2. Put aside for later use.
3. After washing the millets, add in the He Shou Wu soup and bring to boil under high heat.
4. Add in egg and bring to low heat. Leave to shimmer into porridge for ~0.5 hours.
5. Once porridge is formed, add in sugar. Ready to serve.

Bejing 101 (OneKM)
#03-12/13, 11 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437157

Hotline: +65 6558 8101
Current promotion: Herbal Scalp Treatment at just S$48 (worth S$296)!

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