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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

4D3N @ Pulau Macan / Jakarta (30th May - 2nd June 2015)

Day 1

Windy and I flew to Jakarta right after my TRDO Chapter5 Heats! We stayed a night at Aston Marina, which was of walking distance (~10 mins) to the jetty where we would be taking the ferry from to Pulau Macan, our destination.

Day 2

Headed to the jetty the next morning @ Gerbang Marina and we took an 8am ferry to the island:

After 1.5 hours, we arrived at Pulau Macan! The place was simply breathtaking.

The general rules of the resort such as meal times (every meal was prepared for us buffet style), equipment usage and activities were stated clearly here. It kinda felt like an adventure camp where everyone does things together, except there was more freedom:

This was the Clubhouse, where everyone had their meals at:

Facilities and equipment here were free-to-use; they have games like Frisbee, Pool, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton:

Went around to explore the area because the check-in time was 1pm and it was only about 10am then??

Too much time to spare, so we snorkelled...:

... and kayaked!:

Then it was time for lunch! I was starving and everything prepared for us was really delicious. I miss their soup!!!:

1pm: finally checking-in yay:

Here's our private hut - the Sunset Hut!:

It has a really cosy yet open concept, and very very close to nature hahaha. There were 2 huge monitor lizards living underneath (if not, just right beside) our hut and they liked to stay together. We've seen them walking past us and even jumping into the waters.

Tanning beds right outside, with a really awesome view :D

Snorkelled again just where our hut was! Too convenient haha. The waters were soooo clear!!:

The sun started setting at 6pm, and we caught it right where we sat:

Too beautiful:

It became dark really early too and we knew it was time for dinner!

It rained heavily that night when we were about to sleep and it got a little scary. I was so afraid the monitor lizards would find us too hahaha.

Day 3

Rise and shine! :D Woke up to a low tide:

Lazy cat:

What we had for breakfast:

Went island-hopping at 10am, where we were brought to another pretty island called Pulau Tongkeng:

Explored the beach while the rest snorkelled because stupid us didn't along bring our gears:

Prettiest shades of blue:

Guess where we placed one of them on.... hahahah:

Headed back to Macan, checked-out at 11am and this was what we had for our last meal here:

The sardine fish was huuuuge!!

Played a few rounds of pool and table tennis, and it was goodbye Pulau Macan!! Thank you for the GREAT hospitality :D

Took the ferry back to Jakarta that afternoon, checked back to the same hotel and we spent the final night there.

Day 4

Our last day here!! :( We had our lunch @ Pizza E Birra at Central World:

Then we had desserts at Nanny's Pavillon which had a really pretty garden theme:



A vlog I did of this trip!! :D


  1. Hello, how much did you spend on accommodation and air ticket?

    1. Hi! I spent about S$115 on air tickets.
      For ferry plus accommodation (2 nights in Jakarta + 1 night in the resort) it was slightly less than S$200 per person! :)