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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

[ALL]titude III @ SIM Performing Arts Theatre (5th Sept 2015)

It's been so long since I've last typed here! Was (and still am) swarmed with everything dance - trainings, performances, rehearsals, shoots... been updating a little more over at my DAYRE though cos it's so much easier to blog on-the-go. I'm just getting lazier haha.

Anyway this was [ALL]titude III which happened earlier this month @ SIM! My 3rd production with DanceArt and I got to perform with my #brunchdategirls on the same stage again :D

Alumnus had our own dressing room again hehehe:

(Performance photos credit to Neville Teo Photography, BackAlley Creations and Truong Son)

Never was the lightest, and the most afraid of heights/lifts but always the shortest, so people like to make me get lifted D:

This time I was also thrown..... it was really like a roller coaster ride for me. And I don't even dare to take roller coasters hahahaha. But thank you all for bearing my usual ear-piercing screams / "NOOOOO!!!" / "Cappi, catch me ah!!!" / 'vibrations' (HAHAHA) etc. We did it!! Hahahahaha.

Thank you to all my choreographers: Bev, Yanning, Shuwei and Guofeng! :D

And thanks everyone for coming!

BDG full cast! Hahaha:

"Ehh Guofeng, don't need to bend down leh..." Hahahahaha so we ended up with a major height difference.
It's been great working with you!!:

Peter!!! Forever will be thankful to you :) Please take care of your body!

And here's Liping, my short buddy... hehehe.

SIM DanceArt! My 1st home in SIM :')

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