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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TRDO ACT2 @ Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium (14th & 15th Aug)

2 weeks ago we had our debut performance as the TRDO Company dancers at #TRDOACT2! It has been 5 months since the company turned official, and this was our premiere! Very very thankful for the opportunity to be in this together with Clarice, Jacq, Aru and Marcus. Thank you Ryan for bringing us together! :')

We had 2 shows, on the nights of 14th and 15th of August with 5 items in total - Quake by Ryan Tan (danced by selected dancers from auditions), Naoko Matsuda'a solo, A Big Tree by Naoko (danced by winners from TRDO Chap5), Jessica Christina's solo, as well as Let Us Entertain You (danced by us) by Jessica!


"Lights, Music, Performers, go.
Entertainers understand their role all too well - present themselves in the most glamorous way to inspire and give an audience a beautiful escape from reality. But behind that opulent glitz, each of their own reality remains."

(Official photos credit to Poey YT and Jiaxing)

Can't tell if this was from the 1st or 2nd night, but after we bowed on the first night I couldn't stop tearing haha. I really felt what we were trying to portray:

Thank you all dancers, choreographers, crew and audience!!

Jessica's ever so loving and supportive husband, Adriel!:

Yanning! :D

Sayhua, Nikki and Charmaine:

Everyone's favourite move after the show.... >:(

With Fann!:

Eugena and Ah Lee:


My sistah :D

Thank you Jess for the opportunity to work with you!! Continue dancing and continue inspiring :D


Windy! He was running a fever that day but he still came down:

With Ryan!!! Everything would not be possible w/o you. Thank you!! :D

Our program booklet photo hahaha:

Watch the full 30-minute video of our item here!:

We spent a total of 2 months rehearsing, but this final product you see here was the 4th version - only decided and finalised on the 1st week of August.
It hasn't been an easy journey, the 5 of us were put together pretty randomly, with (VERY) different body types, styles, dance backgrounds and technical skills and some of us didn't even know each other. We trained together, started rehearsals together, flew to Bandung for a week to rehearse with Jessica (where so many things happened, both good and bad), came back to SG to face worse problems when we all felt unsettled, version 2 of the choreo came along.... soon after it became version 3... and when Jess flew here for our last lap of rehearsals, version 4 was borned. With only a week left to the show we were of course stressed and panicky about whether we could perfect everything with such little time.
And as you can see we were wearing 3 different sets of costumes in the photos above hahaha. Yes, costumes were quite a problem too but thankfully everything fell into place at the very last moment.

Now these 4 other friends + Ryan feel like a family to me :) Ryan gave us the Guardians of the Galaxy name which is really apt... go figure who's who hahahah.

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