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Monday, February 29, 2016

Bernice's & Wanhin's Wedding @ The South Beach

Attended Bernice & Wanhin's wedding earlier this month @ The South Beach! I never bothered googling about this place beforehand, and Windy told me "I don't think it's a hotel" so naturally I assumed it was like a regular Chinese restaurant or something.

This was my outfit for that day.... when I reached the place everyone was in super nice gowns/maxi dresses I felt so embarrassed. I was probably one of the verrrry few who was so dressed down oops.

Yeah, needless to say The South Beach was actually very grand hahaha. Check out the ballroom interior:

The couple's 1st march-in!:

Twinning hehehe:

2nd march-in!

The backdrop was tooooo gorgeous:

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