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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Farewell, Five & Dime :(

Yesterday (29th April 2016) was Five & Dime's last day of operations, which also marked my 3 years of part-time service there + the end of my 7-year-straight F&B journey.
Not sure what got me into the industry in the first place, but I grew to enjoy serving people and perhaps because I was blessed with really really nice managers and colleagues in Haagen-Dazs, Once Upon a Milkshake and Five & Dime, of course.

I first stepped into Five & Dime in July 2012 to have dinner - I still remember I sat at Table 2 and I had Pork Belly and The Burger, and back then it was a really quaint and cosy cafe with a very unpretentious interior, good service and pretty staff (HAHAHA). Half a year later saw me emailing them for a job as a part-time waitress.
When I started officially, I was the only one there without any relations to the others (some were siblings, some were friends prior to working there) but the colleagues then managed to make me feel very warm and welcomed.

F&D was also the only cafe that I went back again and again without feeling sick of the food. I miss some of the old desserts like the Eton Mess and Thai Tea Tart :(

Anyway I'm so glad to have been able to work on the final dinner shift!

Will really miss all these:

Patrick, Clarice and Ryan came down to support! Thank youuuu:


Final shot while on shift:


Greatest headchef ever, Chef Andy!:

Our manager, Frank and the Service and Kitchen staff!
Even though life wasn't always perfect there; we've had our fair shares of conflicts and disagreements but at the end of the day everyone was understanding and matured enough to see pass everything.

Thank you Chef for treating us all as your own children :')

Ben and Bobby! 2 of the people whom I'm really grateful for. Check out my puffy eyes from crying the whole night (even before my shift ended LOL):

We've never expected this day to come so soon, but goodbye Five & Dime. You've played a huge role in my heart, and you'll be dearly missed by all of us.

Thank you bosses CK and Eiliang, Frank, Chef and everyone whom I've worked with :)

Till we meet again! :')


  1. Hi so sad... I can't believed it's closed! Love this place , I had the eggs benny before & I love it ! Will miss you guys- always so friendly :))
    Any chance of relocating somewhere else???

    1. We will miss all of our loving customers too!! And of course the food :(

      Nope, Five & Dime is not gonna relocating anywhere... unless a miracle happens in the next few months!! Haha. But as of now, we're not!!