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Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy 26th to me! :D

Updating this while in my LA apartment! Been here for 6 days already and I'm really loving it. So many more places to explore but I've already used up my money omggg. We shopped and ate a little too much :O
Will do a proper post here some time later after the whole trip, meanwhile you can hop over to my Dayre for more daily updates! Hehe.


Anyway I recently turned 26 on 5th June! I wish I could say I was 16... or 21... HAHAHA but no, I'm already 26. Past my quarter-life but I feel and behave nothing like it :(

Some photos from my birthday celebrations!

Had some International buffet dinner at Holiday Inn (Orchard) the night before:

Family lunch at TeoChew Cuisine on the actual day. Also celebrated my grandfather's advanced birthday!

Rushed off to rehearsals after that for a CHC performance, and the Dance Ministry surprised me with a Tiramisu cake after that!
THEN I had to rush off to meet my #brunchdategirls for dinner at Curious Palette:

Yay Minnie Mouse balloon hehe they know me so well :D
Yanning said I squeaked when I saw it hahaha where got.

And the following day after Company training, the #TRDOco surprised me with these! And something else which I shan't share hahahahaa:

Windy took time off during his lunch break to come here to be part of the surprise!:

Another year older, thank you everyone who still bothered to make my day special!! :) :) :)