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Sunday, December 18, 2016

[ADVERT] Lash Regrowth

Having longer lashes have always been my wish since... Primary school?? HAHAHA. I remember envying my friend's long and curly lashes and she told me to comb mine everyday with a Barbie brush. I did it for awhile and gave up because it didn't seem to work hahaha.
And I've never liked the idea of eyelash extensions (though I was very tempted) because they always look unnatural and they cause the natural lashes to drop off too.

These photos were taken before Lash Regrowth approached me to undergo treatment for the natural growth of my lashes:

On my first session with Jas I was told my lashes were actually already pretty long, averaging at 6-8mm:

The treatment process takes about 15-20 minutes, and it involves surgical stainless steel micro-needles stimulating the follicles near the lash line to promote growth.
The first session was painful for me on the right eye (slight tearing is normal) but I felt nothing on my left so it was a breeze.

This was after the 1st session (one month later)!:

I was given some stimulating serums to apply at home daily. They provide nutrients for the lashes to grow longer and denser after 3-4 weeks.

(My 2nd experience was painful was for both eyes, but on the 3rd I couldn't feel anything for both. Some people do not feel anything at all throughout all sessions, but it varies among individuals.)

I had a total of 3 treatment sessions and here is the final comparison after 3 months! :)

These were taken under harsh sunlight:

Here are the benefits of the treatment (originating from Germany):

- Strengthens hairs roots so lashes do not fall off easily
- Promotes longer and denser lashes
- Permanent growth of about 5-8mm
- No side effects
- No downtime

I'm very happy with the results and I've also received many compliments from people around me after they noticed the stark difference after 2/3 months.
My lashes are now so much longer and denser but the best thing is, they are natural!

One session of 75minutes costs S$280.
Readers of mine can quote my name 'Wenhui/lovethekisses' for a 15% off their first session! :D

Lash Regrowth
Beauty & Mums
Mt Elizabeth Novena, #01-07

Mon - Sun: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Tel: +65 8261 3088

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