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Saturday, April 22, 2017

5D4N @ Ho Chi Minh x Mui Ne (20th - 24th January 2017): Day 4 & 5

(Read Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 3 HERE )

Day 4
It was a last-minute decision to change our itinerary to make this a FOOD DAY and it was one of the best decisions hahaha.

We woke up to find another tinier kitten in the house!! It was so cute and I got to carry it in a towel hehe.

Breakfast was Bò Né, also known as Vietnamese steak and eggs, and was probably the most memorable food I've had there:

All that for just 55,000VND / ~S$3.50?? NOT KIDDING.

Milano Coffee again, where we bumped into our homeStay mates and we made friends haha:

Missed my Bahn Mi with roast pork so I went to get it again!!!

Lunch @ Bánh Cuốn / Hai Nam:

This Iced Chocolate drink was sooo thick I couldn't even get my spoon through to stir it. Needless to say, it was damn sweet :(

Bánh Cuốn - Vietnamese steamed rice rolls:

While waiting our next destination to be opened for business, we had drinks at Napoli Coffee:

Can't remember what this was... but it tasted weird. Think there was lemon in it or something:

We were here for the Crab noodles, Bahn Canh Cua!
It was said to open at 3pm, but by 2.45pm when we walked over to take a look the place was filled already.

Thankfully the turnover rate was pretty fast so we didn't need to wait:


Long story, but this was like the 3rd cup of milk tea I drank that day hahaha:

Dinner @ Cây me, which we heard about through a Youtube video:


And some glorioussss beef!:

We finally ended off the night @ Durio for desserts!

Too good + not enough so I ordered an additional cheesecake hehe:

And our last morning, Day 5, was just spent on checking out and flying back to SG in the morning!

See you again soon, Vietnam!! :)


Am currently in Bali with my #brunchdategirls. Arrived yesterday and can't wait to spend the rest of the week here!

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