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Friday, September 7, 2018

TRDO ACT 4 - We, The S!ngaporeans (WTS!)

Back in January this year, #TRDOco's ACT4 performance! We wanted to depict the typical Singaporean behaviours in a humorous yet professional way.
I particularly liked dancing in this because there were some 'free' parts that we got to play around in terms of acting and everything was spontaneous and unexpected:

The first act depicted how Singaporeans are always chasing after/queuing for things - even things that they don't know about but just wanna be part of it because everyone else is there:

Also attempted dancing and movements slow-mo for the first time and it was tough hahaha. 4 minutes of that was no joke but it was a good warm-up for what followed after LOL:

Mine and Fiona's scene was about 'chope-ing' seats:

And the fight over who is better/who has better gadgets etc, depicted by the different phone models (i.e. Nokia, Huawei, Apple, Samsung):

Can I have Jacq's legs :(

The 'Priority Seat' segment, where it seems like anyone who sits in the Reserved seats on buses/trains are frowned upon if you don't have any particular need for it:


Thankful for this 2nd family of mine :')

And thank you everyone for coming!!

My SP SDZ students:

Some of 2017's TRDO Recital team:

Pin and Jo:

Kester and Jiaxi:

Venessa and Yanling:

Review of our show by Bak Chor Mee Boy - HERE
! :)

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