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Monday, December 10, 2018

TRDO Recital 2017 - The P.A.

This post is a year and a half late hahaha. But again, better late than never!!!

Last year's TRDO Recital - The P.A. (Personal Assistant? Performing Artiste...? Hehehe), was our very first recital for the students who attend our studio classes... and it was also our very first Musical-style production! So there were lots of acting, singing and dancing which was really fun! :D

Our #TRDOco item, 'It's Raining Men', which was serious yet silly hahaha we danced with raincoats, DIY-ed mannequins and face masks:

The PPAP song/dance which was trending so much that time:

Windy and Marcus were one of the crowd favourites with their 'Sakura Foreva' act hahaha:

Fiona and I co-choreographed to a Jazz item for our students...:


which led on to a 2nd half of it with the company dancers coming in...:

and then to another part, Jumpin' Jacks, to end off on a higher note:

We also choreographed for the Curtain Call item hahaha omg can't believe the 2 of us unknowingly did so much... cos everything was part of the 'finale' hahaha but it was a rewarding experience looking back at it! I learnt so much.

The talented and amazing casts of The P.A.!!:

The 5am behind-the-scenes' work:

THANK YOU my frenemy for doing this with me:

While preparing presents for our dancers hahahah. Jeffrey's idea:

Thank you those who came!! :)
Shortie friends Shannon and Agnes hahaha:

Sayhuaaaaa and my BDGs:

Teeyien and Peter:

Mun Kidd and Ozy:


Another one for the books! :)

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