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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[ADVERT] Black Hair Salon @ The Bencoolen

As some of you may have known by now, or have noticed that I've added a new banner on the right ---->, I am currently being sponsored by Black Hair Salon for my hair services!

This was my 1st visit to the salon last Thursday afternoon to get my hair done :)

Black Hair Salon has been established for 15 years. They had their 1st outlet at Tampines, after which they shifted to Bencoolen for a more centralised location. The directors, Raymond and Anthony, started out since 19 and 20 years old respectively, working for other salons before deciding to open their own.
And no, Black Hair Salon does not only specialise in black hair hahaha.

Prior to the visit, my stylist Nicky and I had already decided to give my hair some funky colours. I didn't want it too look too 'loud' as it isn't really my style, so I went for purple (1st colour under VV@all) which is pretty subtle. Nicky suggested that I paired it with another shade of purple (1st colour under RV@all) to give it more gradient. He also recommended that I dye the underlayers since I tie up my hair a lot especially for dance:

So.... on to the bleaching process! :) For my colours to turn out well, I had to bleach my hair twice - which I was told is considered okay as compared to colours like turquoise which require 3-4 bleaches. It was my 1st time bleaching my hair too and I was afraid it would turn out really dry but no, the texture remained pretty much the same!:

Here was how it looked like after bleaching! Next, Nicky went on to the actual dyeing of my hair:

After the purple streaks were all done, it was time to dye the base colour. Here, we both agreed on a Dark Chocolate Brown (somewhere in the middle of the chart) base which appears pretty black indoors:

My stomach was growling badly at that point already hahahah so Nicky kindly volunteered to get me some bread from the bakery nearby. Coffee bun and Liu Sha bun! THANK YOU!:

So after all the bleaching + dyeing + multiple washes + looong waiting, it was finally time for a treatment!:

Love how the light changes colour every now and then, and from the back it actually looks like toilet seat hahaha:

During the final wash, my hair was applied a 'Lock'-ing product to lock the colours in. And here's the end product after 5.5 hours! :D Love how the 2 colours blend really well together and also how smooth my hair looks hehe:

And this product was used at the very end to style and condition my hair:

Thank you Nicky for being so patient and meticulous!! I really love how my hair looks now :)

This was taken the following day (under pretty poor lighting lolol):

My hair on the 8th day!:

I wasn't able to take photos of the other 4-5 stylists that day because they were all super super busy with other customers. Do remember make an appointment in advance if you're planning to head there! :)

Black Hair Salon
The Bencoolen, 180 Bencoolen Street
#01-28, Singapore 189646

Tel: +65 6242 3945 / +65 6835 9976
Facebook // @blackhairsalon


  1. Hey! What are you working as now :)

    1. Hello! I'm still working part-time at Five & Dime! :)

  2. Hey Wenhui! How did you manage to get sponsored by the salon, out of curiosity?
    Love your underdye! I'm actually contemplating going to do an underdye pretty soon too :)

    1. Hey! One of its ambassadors emailed me regarding it... she found me via Instagram I think :)
      You should! What colour are you planning to do?

  3. Hi can i just ask how much would your entire treatment cost? (:

    1. Hi! It's from $180 onwards, depending on your hair length :)