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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Please slow time down...

4 more days before you leave Singapore for 4 months + 4 days.

~124 days. I'm not very sure if I can do this.


  1. stay strong. it's a lot easier with technology nowadays. plus he loves you too much to let anything go wrong:)

    1. I know we can still contact via technology but it's always different when you can't feel the person physically :(
      Anyway thanks for making me feel better! I'm guessing you're a friend of his? :)

    2. Haha yeah, an acquaintance from previously. We ain't in contact.. True that the physical aspect is important, in fact it's almost crucial. But it really is only temporary, that's the best part about it:) perspectives la, I guess. You can do it! Sometimes all you need is a lil faith;)

    3. Haha yeah, have been telling myself that 4 months will be over very very soon! Just gonna occupy myself with school and more dance stuff.
      Thanks again! I'll be strong :')