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Monday, October 15, 2012

66 more days

66 more days till you're back. That's just slightly more than 2 months and I should be happy.

But thinking back, only 60 days have passed since I last sent you off, and these 60 days have already been so hard to get by. How am I supposed to deal with another 66 more days w/o you? :'(

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  1. My heart melts and aches at the same time when you post things like this, and I am sorry that I have to put you through this. I can't wait to be back too, and the coming 66 days would pass even faster cause both of us will be having a lot of exams to study for. I miss you too, and it's tough for a psychology major taking 19 credits with everyone else kinda having a rather good time. Be strong, because I know you are... and smart, and fast (:D), and beautiful, and the list goes on... I'm only a whatsapp massage or skype video call away... I love you.