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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

6D5N Bangkok: 3rd - 8th January 2013

3rd Jan - 8th Jan 2013:

Day 1 - Touched down at ~9.30pm BKK time and we headed to the KhaoSan Night Market straight after checking into our hotel:

$1 Pad Thai!:

My favourite banana nutella crepe! Bought 2 that night haha:

We tried out fried insects for the first time, and surprisingly they are tastier than we thought haha:

Day 2 - Went to Platinum Mall for some serious shopping hahah but I ended up buying only about 5 items:

Headed to Phrom Phong after that because Shane needed to look for a tailor:

Entertained myself with my Gingerbread Krispy Kreme:

Went back to Siam Paragon for dinner @ Another Hound Cafe! Love the food here:

Red velvet and yummy yummy chocolate waffles!:

And then we had supper near Baiyoke:

Day 3 - Chatuchak day! We ate so much and perspired so much. Bumped into a few friends there too:

After that it was back to Phrom Phong again. But first, some street food:

Did manicure and pedicure (my virgin experience!!) at this place called Golden Lotus while waiting for Shane to do his body massage:

After that we met up with Jo and Zaidie at the newly opened Asiatique Night Market, which is accessible via the shuttle ferry:

Had some Thai cuisine at Rocking Doll:

Hugeass fan messed up my fringe:

Day 4 - Headed to Union Mall for more shopping! It was also the day I spent my last baht and was left with none for Day 5 and 6 hahahaha:

Green tea soya bean!:

Back to Siam for dinner at KFC + S&P. KFC's green curry chicken rice is sooooo good we had it for 2 consecutive days haha they've strawberry egg tarts too!:

Met up with Jo and Zaidie again for some drinks + supper at Khaosan. Can't resist all the cheap street food (think S$1 padthai/mango sticky rice). Oh and I took the tuktuk for the first time hehehe but it's actually a waste of money. Cabbing is so much cheaper:

They shared a tarantula hahah omg:

Day 5 - Had to collect Shane's suit so we shopped at Terminal 21 while waiting for it to be done:

Discovered this awesome padthai opposite our hotel while hunting for supper, wanted to buy this again the next day before our flight but the stall was gone :(

Day 6 - Our last day in BKK, but our flight's at 8.30pm BKK time so we had time to have lunch/desserts at Siam Paragon before heading to the Madame Tussauds wax museum:

And then it was goodbye, Bangkok :'(

So that's most of the visuals for the 6 days I've spent in BKK! Now it's back to reality, back to school :(


  1. Eeee! Why is there a picture of a pile of lizards, with a frog and a rat? What's that supposed to be?

    And did you really lift the weights? :)

    1. Hahaha they aren't real! Just some rubbery toys but they looked horribly realistic :O

      Yes I did, but the weights are made of foam (I think) hahahaha so they are actually damn light! :P

  2. LOOK AT YOUR ABS IN THE LAST PICTURE!!! OMG!!! Realized how gay I am in all the pictures. Missing the bbq prawns we had in Chatuchak!

    1. LOL cannot seeee lahhhhh! And yes I know HAHAHAHA I MISS PAD THAI AND MANGO STICKY RICE.

  3. Hi wenhui!

    I stayed at the same hotel in Dec as well! And omg I tried your fav Pad Thai the first night I landed. O GOOOOODNESSSS :)

    1. Hello Yilin! :)

      I stayed in that hotel last year too hehe I love how it is strategically located to almost everywhere. And wooooooo I am missing all the street food already!!!!! :(

  4. hi there, great post! just a few queries - what's the hotel you stayed in? looks like a really nice resort! Also, where do you normally get your bandeau(s)? They're so colourful :)

    1. Hi, thank you! :)
      I stayed in Residence Rajtaevee, it's nothing like a resort hahaha the exterior's pretty old and rundown, but the rooms are very decent :)
      I get most of my bandeaus from F21, if not, any random accessory shop. The one I wore in this post is from Chatuchak! I really like colourful things hehe most of my stuff are :)

    2. heehee don't all girls just lurvee colourful stuff. thanks! :) all the best for your last sem in school

    3. Not reallyyyyyy! Some of my friends prefer black/grey/dull colours hehehe. No problem, thank you too!! ^^

  5. hello, care to share some of the exercises you do to keep your torso/abs area toned? :)

    1. Hello! I don't really have a specific abs-toning regime, but it's a combination of running + swimming + skipping + dance trainings + crunches + bridges/planks! I work on my body as a whole and I think my abs just get toned along the way hahaha.

    2. i was told not to only focus on the abdomen area too. Like you just have to work on the whole body and it'll come 'naturally'! Thanks babe

    3. Heheh yup, exactly! No problem ^^