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Friday, January 11, 2013

[ADVERT] Stephie's Shop | Art Palates Cafe

Had dinner with Shane at Art Palates Cafe yesterday before heading for my dance training. I've been wanting to try this cafe everytime I walk along the stretch from Orchard to Dhoby Ghaut because its exterior just seems so appealing to me. But sadly, the food there is pretty horrible and too expensive for its quality :/ There isn't much variety on their menu either.

Latte (S$5.90) - the foam took up 1/4 of the cup, and the coffee tasted so-so only :(

Smoked duck pizza (S$10) - a 10-inch (very) thin-crust pizza with a very small piece of smoked duck and cucumber on each slice. So glad I wasn't very hungry just now because it's not worth the money at all:

Curry samosa (S$5.90) - only these taste fine:

I won't recommend this place for their food, but if you wanna chill out with a bunch of friends over coffee/tea it can be a really good location because of the relaxing atmosphere. They offer art classes too so you might wanna check them out :)

Art Palates Cafe
31 Orchard Road, Istana Park, Singapore 238888

Tue - Sun: 11:00am - 8:30pm
Tel: +65 9757 4782


Anyway here's an advertorial for Stephie's Shop ^^ Thanks Lydia for sponsoring the 2 apparels below!

A Rosy Future cardigan - a really comfy and versatile piece that's good for school and almost anything else:

Lace Performance top - I'm absolutely in love with the intricate lace design and peplum cutting of this top. It also comes with a white inner lining which means no need for additional inner garment (Yay!). I think it looks pretty professional too if paired with long pants or bandage/A-line skirts, so it can be suitable for those working in offices:

Stephie's Shop offers high quality clothings at affordable prices. They launch over 15 designs each day so you'll be able to find clothes and accessories for any occasion! I also love the whole cutesy outlook of their webstore, not forgetting their pretty models hehe.
Anyway they've recently launched their Chinese New Year's collection, so head over to Stephie's Shop right now to check it out! :D

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