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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just saying

It's really hard to know who's genuine and who isn't anymore.
The world can be so scary sometimes. Friends who portray themselves as very kind-hearted/forever the victims of some other people's backstabbings, can end up being the ones backstabbing others instead. Friends can be so nice at one moment but turn their backs on you the next instant. People who seem very innocent and kind can turn out to be otherwise. People who try so hard to please others just to get into their good books but treat others in a wholly different way. Some can hate you for no apparent reason or for immature reasons that those of my age shouldn't even be thinking of.
Sometimes people should learn to clear things up before judging others because it really makes no sense to hate someone for the wrong reasons. Also, please take a good look at yourselves before passing any judgments.

Of course I'm not saying I'm an angel because I'm definitely not perfect either. But at least I know I'm not fake. I don't pretend to like someone when I don't, and I've never want to hate people who've done nothing (direct or indirectly) to harm me. I'm tired of 'friends' (or seeing my friends make 'friends') who end up backstabbing or outcasting people just because these people 'don't fit into their lifestyles', because they're not good enough for whatever they are doing, or worse, because they are jealous of them. And if there are really people out there who dislike me WITH concrete reasons, I'd rather they show it straight in my face and not be some coward, talking behind my back yet be so friendly in front of me.

Sometimes I think I'm too gullible for my own good, accepting everyone into my social circle just because we've had some forms of friendly exchange, even if I've only met them once. I automatically treat them as potential friends, not knowing that some of them might have just been putting up fronts to get favours from me or whatsoever. And it disappoints me greatly. But such is life, isn't it?

/end of midnight rant lol