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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SIM'S 1st Combined Arts Concert (CAC) @ UCC

I'm finally here to update on SIM's first ever CAC, which was long over on 1st December 2012. Wanted to wait for the photographer to upload the performance photos before blogging but it's been more than 2 months and I'm tired of waiting :(

So.... after 3 months of individual dance club trainings and combined rehearsals, here are the pre-/post-concert photos at the CAC!:

Professional photography credits to Andrew Loh

With Yan Ning zi!:

With Victoria and Jo:


Hahahah @ our poses:

The Mixed Collaboration dancers from DA + DWZ:

Girls' Collaboration dancers from DA + DWZ:


Candice and Chunwai:

With male lead Aaron + standing beside our own poster that was taken 2 years ago:

'Slow me Down' during rehearsals:

After the concert!:

Junhao and Sharon, our ex-DA members. Thanks for always showing your support!!:

With the DWZ guys:

And Ricky! Thanks for bending down so low hahaha:

The whole CAC team - cast, crew, dancers and choreographers:

I'm thankful to be given the opportunity to perform in 3 dance items and I'm also happy to have made new friends from other clubs through this! :)
I'm very glad everyone pulled through this together as one; our hard work definitely paid off after so many rehearsals. Feedback from the audience was great, especially those for the cast. Even my parents, who usually have very high expectations, couldn't stop telling me how funny the whole musical was. I'm really proud of every single person who've made SIM's 1st ever Combined Arts Concert possible :') Thanks for the encouragement from the cast backstage whenever we were about to go on-stage, and also thanks to those who've written really sweet post-it notes for us! Hehehe :)


  1. Mega love for this post!! Good job Wen Hui! Your dance posts are always so motivating. :)

    1. Hehehe thanks Tracy, and so do yours!! If only I could get the actual concert photos, I'm sure they'll look more amazing!