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Friday, February 8, 2013


Those who know me well will know that I can NEVER live without lipbalms because of my ultra dry lips. If I happen to leave the house without my lipbalm, I can become very very unhappy and I will NEED to purchase one along the way. When Kisstixx approached me, I was more than thrilled to help and of course try out their wonderfully packaged lipbalms. What's more, they are 2-in-1!

I chose the Peaches and Cream combination:

The lipbalms contain moisturizing ingredients for our lips, and with SPF15, they also protect our lips from the scorching sun:

I was helping a friend do a photoshoot and I decided to take these pictures at the same time haha:

The lipbalm glides veeeerrryyy smoothly across my lips and I must say it tastes really great too! I love the Peaches flavour especially, and I cannot help tasting it from my lips every now and then mmmmmm.

Check out their other crazy flavours (priced at S$19 for 2 sets, so you get 4 lipblams in total!!). Now I'm really tempted to try the rest of them haha (pictures credit to Kisstixx):

"Kisstixx® is a lipbalm made for kissing – It is a high-quality lipbalm that comes packaged in two compatible flavours – One for you, and one for your partner. When you kiss, these flavours combine to create a chemical reaction that’s bursting with flavours and aroma, making the kiss that much more unforgettable!"

Click HERE to check out Kisstixx, and you can also head to ZALORA for more shopping deals! :)