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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Raindrops Cafe (closed) | Mad Nest

22nd March: My 2nd trip to Raindrops Cafe, but this time was on a rainy day:

Fried Chicken Wings (S$10) - with spicy Thai chilli sauce:

Burger Droplets - 3 mini burgers with fish, chicken and beef patties served with chips:

Vongole (S$14) - linguine tossed with White Wine, garlic, chilli, parsley and lots and lots of baby clams:

Squid Ink Pasta (S$14) - spaghetti (Al Dente style) tossed with squid ink, served with grilled prawns and scallops:

Raindrops Cafe
2 Orchard Link *Scape, #02-38, Singapore 237978

Daily: 11:00am - 1:00am
Tel: +65 6834 4977

Headed to Mad Nest last Saturday with Ruby and Sheryl in hope of having their all-day brunch, but were told they don't serve it anymore :( Apparently a lot of items on their menu have been cut away, so we settled for their Japanese cuisine instead.

OH anyway, on our way there so many groups of people snatched our cabs + it was such a freaking hot day + all the other cabs were hired + one driver just waved us away and drove off saying he couldn't recognise the address (WTF?!) + the driver of the cab which we finally got into kept insisting that we are going to eat the Da Xia Mian, and he even blamed me for not directing him resulting in him making the wrong turn when I clearly told him we have no idea where the place is located, and all the while he was speaking to someone with his earpiece so how in the world am I supposed to talk to him...!?!?!!! Anywayyyyyy in conclusion, Ruby and I were so pissed by the time we reached, when we were told they don't have brunch food anymore we were so upset. But oh well. Their Jap food is actually pretty good too! :))))

So pretty lor!:

Volcano Maki (S$16) - breaded prawn with spicy sauce:

Tonkatsu (S$12) - these pork cutlets taste soooo good when dipped in the soy sauce:

Chawanmushi (S$4):

Beef Yakiniku (S$12) - thinly sliced beef stir-fried with choice of Japanese BBQ sauce or black pepper sauce on hot plate:

Sheryl's Tempura Udon (S$12):

Ruby's Kitsune Udon (S$8) - sweet beancurd skin udon:

And my Volcano Ramen (S$12) - comes with smoked duck slices and egg in spicy soup:


They've a huge variety of items to choose from (even after downsizing their menu), and prices are pretty reasonable too!

Mad Nest
378/380 East Coast Road, Singapore 428986

Mon - Fri: 4:00pm - 1:00am
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday: 11:00am - 1:00am
Tel: +65 6348 6861

I'm heading to KL tmr for the Good Friday long weekend!! BE BACK SOOONNNN :D


  1. THAT DAY WAS ONE SUAY CAB DAY I WANT TO PENG LOR. Hehe but good times spent w you girlz muahhhhz

    1. YAH LOR that place is really niao bu sheng dan one hahaha. YAYAY see you again vvvvvvv sooonnnnn ^^