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Friday, April 19, 2013

Hummerstons | Omakase Burger @ Turf Club Road

Wednesday's dinner with Shane @ Hummerstons, before work:

The Hummerstons Breakfast (S$22) - comes with your choice of eggs, bacon, a really juicy Irish sausage (buried beneath), roasted tomato, homefries and a slice of toast:

Hummerstons Brunch Burger - the portion is huuugggeee! Comes with grilled beef, smoked bacon, tomato, fried egg, caramelised onions and Hummerstons fries:

Cold Soba & Grilled Salmon - my favourite dish that day! The salmon is really nicely done such that it's not too hard neither it is too melt-in-the-mouth that it disappears after awhile. And I'm a huge fan of soba, warm or cold. Would love it if the soba portion was more though!:


Food's good, service's a thumbs-up as well! I'm definitely coming again to try more of their mains and also their desserts (which I heard are really yummy!).

11 Unity Street, #02-14
Robertson Walk, Singapore 237995

Mon – Thu: 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Fri: 12:00pm – 12:00am
Sat: 10:00am – 12:00am
Sun: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Tel: +65 67378863

Last Sunday:

Headed to Omakase Burger for dinner because I wanted to try the 'juiciest burger in town'. Location's pretty inaccessible unless you're driving... we walked for about 10-15mins from the busstop outside:

Homemade Lemonade (S$4.50) and some old-school Rootbeer Float (S$5.50):

Bacon Cheeseburger (S$15.90) - signature cheeseburger topped with American bacon:

Omakase Cheeseburger ($13.90) - (I know it's called a cheeseburger, but I ordered mine w/o cheese hahaha) with hand-ground beef patty, lettuce, tomato and secret Omakase sauce which is really tasty!!:

Truffle Fries - regular (S$6.90) - not too bad, but pity the portion is too small:


We ordered another Omakase Cheeseburger (w/o cheese again hahaha) + Cheese Fries (S$5.90), because I wasn't satisfied enough. The burger was too good and I wasn't really full:

Everything here is self-service (similar to any fast-food restaurant), and they've this beeping/vibrating device that lets you know when your food is ready for collection. Prices are pretty steep for their small food portions, but I'm happy with what I've eaten! :D

Omakase Burger
200 Turf Club Road, #01-05
Bukit Timah, Singapore 287994

Monday – Thursday: 11:30am - 3:30pm, 5:00pm - 9:30pm
Friday – Sunday: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Tel: +65 67632698

I've always been ordering at least 3 mains (to share) and maybe an appetiser everytime I go out to eat with just another person because I'm never satisfied with having just 1 or 2 dishes. But recently I've people/service staff telling giving us doubtful comments like "Our portions are actually quite big..." or "3 mains for 2 persons??" or "Is there anyone else joining you?" or "Errr... there's gonna be 5 pancakes..." Yes I knowwwwwwww..... and we always finish whatever we have (well, except maybe my greens hahaha)! And I don't know if that's a good thing that my stomach seems to be a bottomless pit :(


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! It's the norm for us to order 3 portions for just the 2 of us. Even the service staff at Hummerstons commented that we were big eaters. xD

  2. Ooo, Would love to tuck in to those fries right now!

    PS: I am hosting a Bits of Brit giveaway currently(open to Singapore residents only), so I really hope you will enter:

    1. Haha I would say go for their burgers instead! I prefer KFC's cheese fries lol.

  3. Your metabolism never fails to amaze me! I wish my stomach was a bottomless pit, in addition to having a super high metabolism.
    Heard Omakase was good too, my boyfriend went there before with his friends and he reckons the same :)

    1. Hahaha but I've to always make a point to workout so that I can eat w/o feeling too guilty! Some girls can just eat + not exercice but they are still damn skinny. Those are the ones I envy! Haha.
      Anyway yuppp! Omakase burgers are really quite juicy hehe. Go try them soon!! :)