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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wavehouse | Savour 2013

Last week at Sentosa for some Skyride and Luge:

It started pouring not long after so we had to seek shelter.

Dinner at Wave House Restaurant and Bar:

Went to Savour 2013 with Shuyu last Thursday (pictures from the iPhone!):

Iced Latte Macchiato:

Lychee Frozen Martini with King Crab (S$8):

Stellar Signature Sushi (S$14):

Tiramisu, given to us by Shuyu's friend who was working at the Nespresso booth!:

Beetroot Sponge, Wild Rice and Macadamia Salad (S$10):

GUESS WHAT THIS IS?? Looks like a runny eggyolk doesn't it? But it's actually a Xiao Long Bao hahahaha. $6 for this tiny thing but it bursts in your mouth and it's so damn good!!! :9

And our very chocolately Chocolate Brioche (S$6)! Yumyum:

There was soooooo much food there! I wanted to try the fois gras, steak and some other desserts and Asian cuisine but our pathetic $20 each wasn't enough and I didn't have cash to top up :(
Anyway it was my first time at such an event and I really enjoyed myself! Thanks SY for inviting me! ^^

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