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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village

Last Sunday we had lunch at Chock Full of Beans, which was all the way in the East:

(This picture taken from their Facebook):

My angry bunny Hazelnut Latte (~S$7):

And Shane's Hamtaro Mocha:

I decided to visit this cafe partly because of the cute latte art that they are able to do. They've also done designs like Spongebob, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Angry Bird and Hello Kitty. I was hoping to be able to request for a specific design but the staff told me it would be random because they were busy. I was disappointed but hmmmm... okay :(
Nevertheless their coffee taste really good!

Eggs Atlantic (S$13) - Close friends or people who have been following this blog for some time will know that I've never liked poached eggs because of previously failed experiences, but that day I just decided to give poached eggs another try and I fell in love with them after eating these!!! Plus the homemade toasts are sooooo aromatic and the smoked salmon just completes the whole yumminess:

Good Morning New York (S$18) - comes with with smoked salmon (!!!), tomatoes, eggs and bagel (plain/sesame). I really really love my plain bagels I just ate them on their own:

Chock Full of Big Breakfast (S$17) - with chicken chipolatas, bacon, tomatoes, eggs, toasts and baked beans. The baked beans aren't your usual canned Heinz baked beans, I think they are homemade and weren't really to my liking haha:

Wanted to have some waffles after that at Penny U, but by the time we were there the waffles were sold out :( I didn't wanna head anywhere else so I was an hour early for my dance training and this was what happened:

In love with my new bottle. But I'm still upset that I lost my favourite one last week :(

Chock Full of Beans
4 Changi Village, #01-2090, Singapore 500004

Tue - Fri: 11:00am - 10:00pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00am - 10:00pm
Tel: +65 6214 8839

Sigh, why are all the good cafes and good food in the East? I want to go back to CFOB againnnnnn.


Have been dancing 3-4 times a week recently because of TRDO, heats are on 1st June and we aren't even done with the choreography. Our muscles are really tired out already :(
On a lighter note, can't wait to head to Montigo on Monday with Sheryl and Ruby!!!! ^^ Desperately in need of a good albeit short break.


  1. Hey! You're very pretty! <3 Haha. Can I give you my number ? ;P

    1. Heyyy haha thanks for the compliment! :))
      And I don't mean to be rude, but it's okay haha.

  2. I like the ambience at Chock Full Of Beans and their latte art! I got Angry Bird and a bear when I went there last time ^^ The west side should have more good cafes and good food!

    1. I was hoping to get a Minnie Mouse latte art :( hahaha but the Hamtaro was quite cute too.
      Yeah ikr... everything is in the East. SO MUCH FOOD THERE :O

    2. whoops I just realized that the other latte art that I had last time was a small lion, and not a bear! I wouldn't mind coming back again to have their brunch.. but it's so far away zzzz.


    1. YEAAAHHH!!! SEE YOU IN DA MORNING hehehe :*

  4. Hi dear, are you still working at Five&Dime? If you don't mind me asking, what is the pay like? (:

    1. Hi, yes I am! :) I don't think I should reveal the pay here haha but it's pretty high for an f&b job ;)
      If you want you can leave your email here and I'll get back to you?

  5. Have visited this place last week and enjoyed their latte lots.

    Pls visit my blog for my version of the review :)