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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Ascot: British Gastrogrub | Cali Cafe

Thursday's lunch with Shane at The Ascot:


Mocha (S$5.50) and Apple juice (S$4) - The menu stated 'fresh juice' but it turned out to be from some bottled apple juice:

Cold Cut Platter (S$18) - 3 types of cold cut - ham, salami ham and parma ham - served with onions, gherkins, scotch egg and homemade bread. I loooove the scotch egg (which is molted eggyolk wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs then deep-fried)! Yummmmm. I really couldn't stand the taste of the parma ham though... I almost vomited it out:

Traditional Fish & Chips (S$20) - I've never been a fan of fish & chips and I don't think I'd ever be :/

Chargrilled Steak on Turkish Bread (S$18) - with tomato, lettuce, sauteed onions, mustard and cheese. I left out the last 3 ingredients hahaha so it was just bread, lettuce, tomato and the steak. It tasted pretty okay except that the bread's a little too hard for my liking:

The Ascot
200 Turf Club Road, #01-16, Singapore 297994

Daily: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Tel: +65 64620881


And this was on Monday, when we wanted to visit 1-Caramel for their brunch but they don't serve it on weekdays. Headed to Cali Cafe instead just around the corner:

California Dreamin (S$6.80) - with a mix of strawberries, oranges (but I couldn't really taste them) and bananas, perfect for a post-workout boost or a hangover:

Bratwurst Spaghetti (S$15.50) - cooked aglio olio style, with bratwurst, capsicum, zucchini and eggplant. We ordered this because they ran out of fresh prawns for our Prawn Aglio Olio, and there's nothing special/fancy to it:

Pulled Pork Bun with Homemade BBQ Gravy (S$11.50) - shredded pork shoulder on grilled homemade bun, served with salad and fries. The BBQ gravy goes really well with the pork imo!:

Breakfast Pizza (S$23.50) - MY FAVOURITE!! Consists of baked tomatoes, cheese, sausage, bacon, mushrooms and sunny side-ups. Anything with runny eggyolks is goooooddddd :9 There were supposed to be 2 eggyolks according to the picture shown, but we were only given one. I feel cheated:

Cali Cafe
31 Rochester Drive, #01-01
The Rochester, Singapore 138637

Tel: +65 6684 9897

It is just so hard to eat clean :(


  1. You eat what clean, eat rubbish la. And you changed your banner pictures right? +1 observant friendship point for me hurhur and 8 more days till our big day :>

    1. HAHAH YAH I said very hard to eat clean!!! That's why I haven't been doing it :(
      And yessss changed last week leh you now then notice ah so sad hahaha. 8 more daysssss BU KE YI DENG LIAO!!!

  2. That breakfast pizza looks so good! I'm starting to like your food posts too. Hahaha. Cheers <3

    1. Yes it is damn gooddd! Hahah really big too :)
      Thank you!!

  3. Oh my, Wenhui... I really wonder how do you even stay fit when you're eating this much. ;P Mind sharing the secret? ;P

    1. Haha mostly thanks to dancing. I dance pretty intensively 2-3 times a week! I do my own abs exercices and I try to swim a few times a month too :)

  4. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE LAST STATEMENT. It's really damn hard to eat clean lately :( no wonder my boyfriend and I put on weight!! Sigh pie really need to cut down on the good stuff. That breakfast pizza looks awesome though!

    1. HAHAH I haven't actually TRIED eating clean because all these junk are just too tempting already!! :(
      Yes, the pizza's really really good! Try it if you happen to be there!

    2. Tell me about it! I try to eat salads once in a while too to eat clean.. but not very easy la :( Sigh, exercising more would have be the way to go since I love my food too much.
      Yep, I'd try the breakfast pizza 1 day ^^ Rochester's so near too yay!