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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PARK @ Holland Village

Last Wednesday's lunch at PARK:

(This photo taken from their Facebook page)

(This photo taken from their Facebook page)

Truffled Mac & Cheese (S$11.80) - Mac & Cheese needs no introduction, but the truffle taste here is a little too strong for my liking:

SPAM Chips (S$8.50) - I love these deep-fried luncheon meat slivers! Really really addictive and the portion's pretty huge. It got a little too salty for me towards the end though haha:

Mixed Green Salad with Ham (S$7.80) - this huge bowl contains a really generous amount of mixed greens and thinly-sliced ham, with Japanese sesame dressing (which goes really well with the salad) on the side:

Aglio Olio Tiger Prawns Spaghetti (S$17.50) - contains tons of capsicums so it has this 'peppery' taste to it, rather than the usual olive oil and garlicky taste. I'm not exactly a fan of red/green peppers so I found this pasta average haha. The prawns are yummy though!:

Toast Soldiers (S$6) - I didn't like this dish at all :( It's too cheesy and I was really disappointed. I was looking forward to dipping the toasts in soft-boiled eggs because that's what the name usually suggests, but there were none:

Lemon Meringue Cake (S$9.90) - your usual sponge cake topped with a thick layer of meringue. Tastes pretty good but a little overpriced for a not-so-huge piece of cake:

281 Holland Ave, #01-01, Singapore 278996

Tue – Thu: 10:00am - 12:00am
Fri – Sat: 10:00am - 2:00am
Sun: 10:00am - 12:00am
Tel: +65 9721 3815


I'm finally done with TRDO (and am missing it already. Will blog about it soon!) and I've just arrived in SG from a 3D2N trip to Malaysia with the family. I've also signed up (after a year of procrastination) for Circus Arts @ Jitterbugs! Went for my 1st class just now right after I reached SG and it was scary hahaha.
More and more activities coming up and I really like to keep myself occupied. Can't wait for the MBS Staycation with Rubz and Sheryl on Thursday!!


  1. Yay cant wait to see both of you again and the luncheon meat chips thing looks damn nomz can!!!!

    1. Yahhh 2 more days! And yessss that was my favourite dish that day hehe :)

  2. Wow circus arts sound crazy! Not going to look for a job?

    1. It's pretty fun actually! The hanging upside down part scares me though haha.
      Nope, not looking for a full-time job this year. Just gonna continue to dance and work part-time for now :)

  3. Hey there!! It's Bryan! I can't seem to put my name from my phone. How are you? :) the place is so yellow!!

    1. Heyyy I'm good, thanks for asking :) Haha yup it IS really yellow!