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Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Royal Dance-Off (TRDO): Chapter 3 @ TRCC

TRDO Heats - 1st June 2013:
Woke up at 5am that day so we could reach Lasalle by 7am to do our makeup and hair.

Drew lots at 9am for our Heats sequence and we got number '2' hahahaha didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Heats were supposed to start with Soloists at 10am and then Groups at 11am. We were all warming up outside and preparing to run through the item at 10am when we were suddenly told the sequence was changed - which means there wasn't time for us to dance the item once before going up. We panicked of course but I guess our adrenaline helped us in one way or another.

Koustav looks like a little boy here heheh:

SIM Dance Art!:

And we were one of the Top 10 to get into the Finals for the group category! So so so happy because our club is only ~2 years old and this is our 1st ever major involvement:

TRDO Finals - 14th June 2013:
We reached TRCC at 11am on the day of the Finals! Groups were only allocated 8 minutes each to block the stage which was really a rush :( After that we didn't have much to do haha we just ate and took photos and ate even more (okay maybe it was just me eating):

Was smiling for the blusher, not for the camera :( I looked pretty constipated, but this was the only 'professional' shot of me that day so.... whatever:

(Photos below credit to respective photographers)
Our opening item:

And thanks to the random generator, we were the 1st to be on stage. Again, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry :(

In 3rd place for the Group category - Point-Two-Five:

In 2nd place - Quartz:

And the Champion - ALT!:

Thanks to those who came and supported us!:

It wasn't my best performance that night, made many mistakes and I know I could have done better. Friends could tell we looked really nervous probably because we were the 1st to go on stage.
But it's all over, and I'm glad it happened :)

There were times I doubted the choice of song (I was so in love with Skinny Love but we had to change it), doubted the choreography, doubted the team mates I was working with, doubted my own abilities, and doubted everything I could. There was so much negativity in me that I kinda lost hope in myself and my friends. I didn't feel like we were good enough to compete at all. It was all our 1st-times dancing with the other 5 of us and it just felt so strange for me because I knew nothing about them. But as the days went by with ~3 trainings a week for 2 months, we bonded more with each other and also with Koustav (he's such a funny person!), I felt so much better. Things started picking up and we begun to gel into the team and dance as one. We gave all our personal strengths into the piece and together with Koustav's awesome brain, we came up with something more than wonderful. We loved the final choreography, and although it was different from all the other TRDO competition pieces in the sense that it was a soft and emotional item, it was something that made all of us get out of our comfort zone. I love the layering of the whole choreo and I love how everything just flowed. I felt good.
There were also times we felt like giving up because dancing everyday was really too tiring, we had bruises and injuries everywhere and everyone was mad at each other for a lack of cooperation at one point or another. Scheduling was difficult because we all had our own lives to lead too. But everything paid off when we got through Heats and into the Top 10 for Finals; it felt like a dream come true for me.
I am glad to have shared a stage with the other great dancers from different schools/companies, and I'm honored to have been judged by the top dancers in Singapore and also Lee who flew all the way from Japan. Thanks for letting my team have a chance to shine on stage :)

And of course, I really wanna thank my teammates: Jane (stonefish), Sandra (swan), Ada (duckling), Jillian (Gazelle) and Nari (unicorn)! (Names all given to us by Koustav hahaha. And I am the chipmunk/flying squirrel.)

Anyway I was feeling all upset and complaining how the photographers didn't like me because none of the item photos featured me inside, and no one took photos of my solo part either :'( So Koustav said this that made me feel a little better..... until his final line hahahaha. OKAY CAN.


  1. You look like you're a very good dancer... Are you going to have any performance soon? I would like to watch you. ;)

    1. Btw, check your email ok ;)

    2. Thank you, but I think I'm just average. I've a long way to go! :)
      I'm not too sure when I'll be performing again, probably only in Dec.

  2. Helloooo! I think my email went into your junk box. Can you check again?

  3. *sigh. I'm so sad right now.