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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Othello's | Baker & Cook

This was last Wednesday's dinner with Alwyn, before my dance rehearsals. Sigh I'm forever going for dance with a full stomach:

The menu is reeeally confusing. It has sections like Small Bites, Sides, Appetisers, Salads which can essentially be grouped under 1-2 categories. Some items are also overlapping + the worst thing is these categories are scattered all over the menu which make it really hard to read:

Grapefruit juice (S$8) + Iced Latte (S$7):

Calamari Rings with Garlic Aioli (S$12) - this came as a shock to us hahahah. We totally weren't expecting the calamari rings to look like that. They taste so-so only too - the exterior's too soggy and the rings are just too thin for my liking:

Eggs Benedict (S$15) - consists of two poached eggs, honey-baked ham, creamed spinach, roasted tomato, mesclun salad and hollandaise sauce on toasted english muffins. I don't fancy the idea of having spinach with my eggs/bread... such veggies seem more like a 'dinner' kinda thing to me? Hahaha nevertheless they taste pretty good:

Othello's Beef Burger (S$19) - 160gm beef patty on a chargrilled burger bun, with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese and fries with cocktail sauce. I didn't try the beef but Alwyn said it's good. I thought the fries are too salty too but he liked them:

Anyway, one of Othello's staff just stood and stared at my whole IG photo-taking process (the above 2 photos) which took about a few minutes. I like to many shots from different angles and arrangements so I always take a long time. But this staff just stood about 2 metres away and watched me the whole time. I felt so self-conscious and nervous but I couldn't possibly ask him to go away right?? Lol. Anyway, after I finally sat down (hahaha), he came over and asked: "The food is still hot right?" HAHAHAH wahlao damn embarrassing but okay. Weird experience.

12 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289204

Mon - Thu: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Fri: 11:00am – 12:00am
Sat: 8:30am - 12:00am
Sun: 8:30am – 11:00pm
Tel: +65 6468 0939

Headed to Baker & Cook for desserts after that, which is just down the same stretch of road:

Chocolate Indulgence - this came as a disappointment :( I pictured something more chocolatey and rich, but this cake tastes really bland and airy. I took a few bites and gave up:

Blueberry Cheesecake - we love this!:

Nutella Panini (S$6) - $6 for this is such a rip-off because I seriously wasn't expecting them to use just normal white bread :/ But anyway it tastes better than the Chocolate Indulgence hahaha so I finished it:

Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road, Singapore 288951

Sun - Thur: 7:00am - 8:00pm
Fri - Sat: 7:00am - 10:00pm
Tel: +65 6469 8834


Anyway just some random midnight rants,
x. I don't know whether to take it as a compliment/insult when people assume/insist that my IG photos are uploaded using photos from my DSLR because they are 'so sharp and clear' (I only use my iPhone 4S btw). I take it as a compliment because well, it probably means they like my photos... right? But I feel insulted too because it means they think I can't take nice photos or achieve nice effects using my phone camera + apps? Please know that editing does wonders!

x. Always eating with the same person doesn't mean that I don't have other friends. It's just that I only have 2-3 food buddies (who can actually meet my huge eating needs!!!!) so whenever I go cafe-hunting, they are the ones with me. And since my IG consists mostly of food, those are the ppl that I will usually tag. Just because I don't post photos of all of my activities doesn't mean that I don't have other friends!! I believe my blog posts featured a bunch of my friends before.


  1. I do agree that you take nice pictures! Yeah. Quite hard to believe that they're taken with your phone. But I'm pretty sure that they're complimenting you :)

  2. Ey the nutella panini i can make one hundred for you lor!!!