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Saturday, July 20, 2013

[ADVERT] Stephie's Shop + Vulcan

First up,

I See You Tote c/o Stephie's Shop

I've done adverts for Stephie's Shop ranging from tops to bottoms and now to tote bags, which they have recently launched. Do check out their website here for a huge range of products! :)

Next up,

Lapis Lazuli c/o Vulcan

Vulcan provides hand-made fashion accessories of high quality from material(s) sourced locally as well as from other regions of the world. It also provides customisation service to suit each of your needs and preferences. For me, I chose the Lapis Lazuli series because I really love the blue gemstones, and I was even given a choice to have flower charms on it which of course I agreed! Would love it more if the charms were slightly bigger though haha. The elastics used (you can opt for clasps too) is really secured and the bracelet is measured to fit my wrist perfectly :)

Remember to follow Vulcan on Instagram and 'like' them on Facebook as they have occasional deals limited to their followers! :)

Instagram: @vulcansingapore


  1. Hello Wenhui! What camera and lens do you usually use to take photos? :)

    1. Hello! I'm using a Canon 500D and the 18-55mm kit lens! Majority of my photos are taken using that :)

  2. Daym you're pretty ;)

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  4. Hello babe :) Can i know where you go for picnics? Those places look real serene and cool! If you don't mind sharing that is... :') thanks in advance!

    1. Hello! I don't always go to the same place, but they are usually parks/gardens! The most recent one was at Lower Seletar... and then the previous one at Tampines :)