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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adventure Cove!

Tuesday, after Day 2 of Student Week performance:

Just chillin' with ma turkey leg (and corn dog!) hahaha:

Had dinner @ Ding Tai Feng after that:

Yummy chilli crab baos!

Had a really enjoyable snorkelling experience although we couldn't dive deep enough to touch the fishes. Everything was so beautiful underwater. The 1st few slides we went to were scarier than expected too. Seems like the older I get, I more timid I become. I screamed so much hahahaha.


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    1. Ikrrrr.. So what's the plan now ah?!

    2. They were engaged from that day that i tried calling and today my call finally got through but i realised they dont work on a monday mehz. Tomorrow i call again and let yknow! :)

  2. Agree that the older we get, somehow we seem to become more timid! Haha I relate cos I just came back from Gold Coast recently and tackled the craziest roller coasters ever.. Think it's unlikely that I'd go for anymore hardcore adrenaline stuff after this! In life I guess we can only do the crazy scary stuff when we're at this age hahaha! (:

    1. Hahahaha up till now I haven't had the guts to take a 'proper' roller coaster ride. All I've tried were the ones meant for kids and I'm already scared to death!

    2. I was scared as well initially, but my boyfriend was with me through it all and he did say I could back out if I was too scared or sick (cos I was having time of the month then too zzz), but I decided to stick through it and it came out awesome - I conquered the 3 craziest roller coasters in Movie World. Hahahaha if you do get to go to Gold Coast one day you should go to Movie World! It's a great place to play, take loads of photos, and maybe conquer the roller coasters? (:

      Stats on how crazy the rides are:
      Arkham Asylum -
      Superman Escape -

      Haha try it if you've the chance (: close your eyes if you're really scared - that's what I did and it helped a lot too, especially if you're afraid of getting motion sickness!