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Monday, January 20, 2014

Chapters of Love : An FPA Production 2014

To think that I thought [ALL]titude 2013 would my last dance performance for at least awhile, up came this opportunity for me to dance in Chapters of Love on 11th Jan 2014. And it wasn't just for 1 item but 3, and we got to act a little as well!:

Never w/o hundreds of backstage shots haha:

And here are my dancing pixies (at 10 minutes before reporting time)!! Thanks for being so spontaneous hahah:

And some photos from rehearsals / actual show / photoshoot (credit to photographers):

I was wearing the K-pop outfit for the Contemporary item during the rehearsals it wasn't compatible at all hahaha:

And finally, thanks to those who came!!!:

These girls like to imitate my poses (those I posted on my Instagram lol):

I'm so happy the production was a success; the audience laughed so much and comments/feedbacks were really positive! Kudos the the whole cast and crew whose hard work definitely paid off.
I'm also really thankful my dancers and I managed to choreograph and learn all 3 dance pieces in a short span of 2 weeks! It was my 1st time doing a Kpop dance (and performing it onstage... erm no pressure right?) but I think we improved a whole lot since the very 1st day :)


Back from DanceArt's camp yesterday and I've never felt so tired. Amazing race, games, Masterclasses (Locking, Hiphop, Raggae), choreographing till 3am and showcases have made me realise how old I am getting hahaha. Anyway my team won 2nd overall yay, but it broke my 2-year Champion streak hahaha.

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