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Thursday, January 16, 2014

[ALL]titude 2013: A DanceArt Showcase (14th Dec 2013)

Just last month/year, on 14th December 2013:

My #brunchdategirls and I writing cards for our fellow dancers:

All the messy costumes for my 5 items hahah:

And I swear that day my camera's memory card was 3/4 filled with TeeYien's face -.- lol:

Received gifts even before show started. Yay thanks Kriss and TY!:

Some photos taken during full-dress rehearsals (credit to photographers!). I really love the lighting effects, especially for JX's item!:

Quote of the Day after our Curtain Call (for 1.30pm's show), from Koustav to me: "You were in 5 items and you were sooo impressive, you did everything beautifully BUT you just had to fall during curtain call?!" HAHAH yes yes........ I slipped on the curtains and fell while running out from 'backstage'. I had to suppress the "SHIT!" that tends to come out of my mouth because 200 pairs of eyes were staring at us from the audience seats lolol.

Our guest choreographers - thank you Jie Xiao and Kriss!! I've learnt so much from the both of you:

And a big thank you to those who came and showed support!!! Especially some of my friends who don't usually catch dance performances/watch me dance :D

The Tallies:

Very happy with my balloons hahaha:

And we had our post-production dinner after that at Fish & Co! There was a double rainbow in the skies on our way to The Glasshouse hehe:

[This was typed a few days after the showcase]
14th December 2013 marked the end of DA's very 1st mini production. It was a big achievement for such a young club, and being 1 of the founders of SIM DanceArt, I am really really touched and happy to see what DA has become ever since we started 3 years ago :')
After months of preparation, I'm glad everything went successfully despite the constraints of time + budget + space + venue + lightings + number of dancers. I'm so proud of everyone who has made this happened, and I'm so happy to have friends who stood by me all this while be it during dance practices or outside of them. I want to specially thank Peter too for giving me opportunities since Day 1 and always believing in me.
Being in 5 out of 8 items wasn't easy: quick change was a nervous experience, and having 2 items and then another 3 items back-to-back totally challenged my stamina and determination. At times during consecutive full runs I felt like giving up because my muscles were really exhausted, but friends' and Peter's encouragement motivated to push myself to finish them all.

For now, there finally won't be anymore late-night weekday + early Saturday morning rehearsals, but I'll really miss those days I spent working hard and perspiring together with my dancers, suffering together and bruising at different body parts. The new friendships forged with my item members and well as with the choreographers are unforgettable too.

From a founding member to now an Alumni, I won't forget the times and hardships we've had together during meetings, trainings, rehearsals, performances and competitions. Everything was so worth it, I've never felt such a strong passion for dance before. It's kinda sad that this showcase could be one of my last times dancing before I finally stop being a bum and start concentrating on looking for a full-time job.

I really love DA and I can't wait for its concert next year already.


15th January 2014: It's a month after the production I'm actually still dancing and being a bum hahaha. I've recently participated in an FPA production too (photos up soon)! So many interests, so many things I want to do.... I still haven't found a direction in life yet.

On a side note, Zhi Jun has recently invited me to VanityTrove, you can follow me over there for beauty related stuff! :)


  1. HAHA QUIT BEING A BUM TSK TSK. & sorry couldn't make it to your last dance show!
    & i also got invited to the vanitytrove thing but so lazy to create omg and i dont use any beauty products :(

    1. Go create!! I also don't really use beauty products you should know hahahaha but can post OOTDs all that! :) I procrastinated v long too just created ytd night lol.
      Anw it's okay for not making it to my dance showcase!!!