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Friday, April 18, 2014

[ADVERT] Naiise launches a Food section!

If you haven't noticed, there has been a fresh emergence of local food makers over the last 4-6 months, and recently, Naiise has launched their brand new Food (yes, food!) section, creating a platform to support these local food makers.

"We have local food makers who are great at what they do. They too, like the designers we have, create products that add value to better people’s lives. So we decided to push the launch of a food section to offer users a wider variety of things to shop at Naiise, while helping local food makers gain greater reach and awareness for their products."

They currently have the following partners onboard: The Edible Co., GSH Conserves, Hunters' Kitchenette, MOFO CHILI, Natalie. E and A.Muse Projects. They are also looking at 2 Rabbit Chili and Bruneus Raw Nut Clusters to join them over the next 1-2 weeks!

Anyway here are some food products that caught my attention while browsing through their page (all information taken from the website):

Simple Lemon Cream Macarons / Caramel Fleur De Sal:

Both the above are made by Natalie Eng, a Paris-trained Singaporean pastry chef and Ferrandi graduate who makes French pastries with a modern twist.

One of my favourite macaron flavours, these simple lemon cream macarons are made using the Italian Meringue method and they are incorporated with fresh lemons for a zesty and light taste. The caramel can be used as a flavouring, a filling, a spread or simply as a sauce. Yummy!

Hazelnut Cocoa Butter by Hunters' Kitchenette / Milo Granola by Eastern Granola:

Hunters' Kitchenette's nut butters use ingredients that are natural, processed very minimally and without any chemicals. They also use coconut palm sugar and unrefined sea salt for most of the butters. I guess their products are pretty suitable for the health-conscious! :)

Last but not least, Eastern Granola makes cereal with lots of tropical fruit, nutmeg, curry, chilli, lime and even fish sauce. Their granola is a vehicle for rich and innovative flavours - yeah, who doesn't love Milo?!

You can read more about their Food section over at their blog here! Naiise offers many other products as well such as apparels, kitchen appliances, furniture and gadgets. They aim to make design accessible to everyone and to better everyone's lives with it.
Click HERE to visit their website. They really sell awesome stuff so do check it out! :)

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